What is the way in which they can access to a broad network equipped with cloud technology?




By Alan Sardela, director of product marketing at Silver Peak.

Going transition to cloud services process in full swing, which is based more than 50 percent of CRM applications on the software as a service technology. However, most private broadband networks are still designed for the corporate world does not depend on cloud technology, and with a primary focus on the transfer of data efficiently between branches and headquarters and data centers. The “old” broad networks primarily used optimally in companies in order to transfer information between physical locations or chartered institution owned.

But as we all know, we have Tgiralaalm. So, we find when studying how it should be changed through the broad network structure things syndrome between the central functions and distribution.

New York With the use of centralized approach, data traffic directed online whole is see through a firewall in a central location movement, where the main task is to design a “hub and spoke” system in secure data orientation, but is necessary reflux transport networks suboptimal in an environment that is services cloud the task (Notice how the arrival of a branch in Los Angeles to services in Seattle through the data center in New York).

Result in the design of “hub and spoke” system of central occurrence of disability “Tromboning” in data traffic while getting the software services as a service.

Cloud applications generate in many institutions today most of the data traffic, where paid and directed by the continued reliance on both the software and infrastructure as a service (SaaS and IaaS). As a result, companies are willing to consider the possibility of adopting a fully distributed design or structure of the structure depends on access to the Internet directly.

Niue And shows the left side of the graph below methodology rely on the Internet directly and complexities associated with this: where the use of the Internet means directly need to install a firewall at each branch. So, do we have to choose between the process must go to (transport reflux) “fully centralized” or go to rely on (the Internet directly) “fully distributed”?

As refers Andrew Lerner, who works at Gartner: “If you use a traditional broad network infrastructure, the cloud applications will suffer. And if you use a virtual private network structure (VPN), the enterprise applications will suffer. ” In response, many institutions have moved towards the use of Antrzalakulaima approach (as shown on the right side of the diagram above).

However, because the network based on the Internet Protocol routing exclusively, they are centers directing data traffic without discrimination to any of the services (software as a service and software as a service 1 2 in our case) regardless of the potential latency condition. Despite the potential limitations, often Antrzalakulaima approach achieves a good balance and solve many of the problems that may occur when you create a broad networks equipped with cloud technology.

In addition, can the private solution using security as a service (as is the case in the company Zscaler, a partner Silver Peak) to provide similar benefits to the structure of the regional center because the default gates safe can you disconnect / sub-regional trade data traffic for traffic movement data on the Internet, and redirect each type of data traffic accordingly.

There is also another advantage of the use of regional centers, where this feature becomes useful when you study the use of other web services, such as “achievement of household needs work” place such as postal services or means of social communication (described in the “Web Services” above). For services like this, you are not interested in improving data traffic, and you certainly do not want to be logged in in order to get them.

Finally, the structure of software-defined networks took us faster towards fully rely on broad networks equipped with cloud technology through a broad choice of any institutional network (which may depend on the multi-protocol switch) and improved using broadband connections available. For example, the unified infrastructure and private networks broad knowledge of the software company Silver Peak to improve the regional center approach by identifying the optimal center of emanation for each component of cloud services components and determine the best course of each branch to each service center.

In addition to the structures of private networks business, the Silver Peak combining special abilities to provide contactless services and control system in the dynamic track and mitigate the effects of latency and reducing the use of data to give customers the flexibility to gain access to cloud services efficiently similar efficiency of internal applications. Perhaps set the special features of software-defined networks with the regional center structure may lead to access to a broad network equipped with cloud technology.


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