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Do not hurry to say that happiness is not really about the money . Not in them, but in most cases they do not interfere. Charles Tipps, venture investor, writer and blogger, spoke about what qualities you need to educate the children so that they become millionaires. B topic on Quora Charles said that communicates with a variety of very wealthy people, and he brought up three children, so he knows about what he says.

Tell them about all the possibilities
Maybe they do not want to become a millionaire? In the end, become rich – this is not the main goal in life. When I say this, to my mind the story comes a guy who loved to make musical instruments, and then was able to turn this thing into a multimillion-dollar business. Teach the children about love, find out what they like and what they want. World gives us the opportunity to live such a life, what we want. And to make money – not the best of them.

School is not compulsory
If you want your child to become a regular, give him regular education . My oldest son started working at age 12 and gave up for the sake of high school. He got a job in an advertising corporation and helped them to make movies. He went to travel and a few months living with a tribe of Mayan, making the project together with the woman who wrote a book about them.

Then he went to Cuba to shoot a documentary. And then it was still a lot of interesting professions. Neither one of them I did not buy it – it was his choice and his life.

Teach them to love work
Being rich is hard. Become rich too. You have to do a lot of effort and a lot of hours of hard work. Do not allow to forget about it to your children if you want them to have the financial well-being.

Teach them to love people
The only way to become rich – learn how to solve other people’s problems. Then they want to give you their money. You have to love or at least respect other people and teach the same to their children. Do not judge their friends and always be delighted by their new acquaintances.

Teach them generosity
Anyone who wants to get a lot of, a lot has to give. One day I was walking with his son near the office. Nearby we saw a man who looked was an itinerant musician. He played the spoons and did it quite well. We approached him and started talking. It turned out that he had just been released from San Quentin. I said it was a great cause for celebration.

We took him to my office, where he took a shower and had lunch. I gave him some money to rent a room for the night. On the way home I said to my son, that the money that I gave the stroller – nothing compared to the time we devote to it. Time – is your greatest asset, and when you have the opportunity to spend it for the benefit for others, do it immediately.

Show them lying, stealing and betrayal
Not by example. But they need to know that the world is full of people who will cheat, steal and use. Tell them about it and give them the opportunity to see for yourself. No other way.

Make them pariahs
Are you ready to spoil their childhood for the future? Do not have to look far for an example – almost all successful people were outcasts in childhood. Is it worth it to make such sacrifices – you decide.

And finally, your kids should be decent people. I think I have worked out the most effective way of how to teach their children the principles of morality and ethics. Every time they ask me to help them with a choice in difficult situations , I ask them to find the answer yourself. Cruel? Possible.

But it helps them to become independent and build their lives around those moral values ​​that are important to them. Forget about the schools and universities. They do not teach your kids life.

And you can.

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