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The holidays are coming, which mean you’ll probably end up with so much free time that you won’t know what to do with it. While there are plenty of fun activities you can enjoy during the holidays, chances are you’ll wind up in front of your computer or your console at one point, ready to leave reality aside and dive into the world of gaming. So, what should you choose?
World of Tanks – Xbox 360 Edition
Being the video game that holds the Guinness World Record for the number of players, with 45,000,000 registered accounts, World of Thanks needs no further introduction. However, in case you’ve missed it, World of Tanks is a tank simulator, putting you in control of some of the most famous tanks in history. Your job is to blow as many tanks as you can, without getting blown yourself. The game was quite addictive right from the start, when the PC version was released, but the recent release of the Xbox 360 version, in February 2014, made it even more popular. Are you ready to take on some tanks?


Nearly a decade after the original series, Thief returns with a revamped version of the game. Taking advantage of the quick evolution in graphics offered by the latest PC hardware and the recent gaming consoles, Thief is back with some stunning graphics and a story that will get you hooked.
Thief uses a stealthy approach throughout the game, so the improved visuals will help you achieve a more realistic experience. However, while you will have the advantage of being able to roam around freely throughout the levels, so will the AI; add the fact that the intelligence of the AI was significantly boosted from the previous versions of the game and you will soon see that all your skills will truly be put to the test. Have you got what it takes to accomplish your goals? Give it a try and find out! Thief is available on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, so whatever your preferred gaming platform is, you’re good to go.
South Park: The Stick of Truth
If you’re an avid fan of the South Park TV series, your prayers have been heard – the South Park game is here! If you were expecting to gain control over one of the characters in the series, you’re in for a surprise: you play as a new character, known as The New Kid, or, pretty soon in the game, Douchebag. You will get to meet your favorite South Park characters – Kyle, Stan, Cartman, Butters and many others, with whom you will embark in various adventures in order to find the legendary “stick of truth”.
What makes this game totally awesome is that it was created under the close supervision of the creators of the South Park TV Series, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, which means you will find the same type of humor and jokes you usually find in an episode of South Park. The dark humor of the TV series is not the only thing you will find in the game – you will encounter aliens, gnomes and Nazis – all mixed in a twisted universe sprinkled with the typical South Park fiction and dirty jokes.
It’s needless to say that this game is not for everyone, as the sometimes-exaggerated humor and strong language might not be the best thing to have coming out of your speakers if you have kids roaming around, or you’re simply not a fan of the South Park series. If you do like the South Park TV series, though, South Park: The Stick of Truth is a must play.

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