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Let’s see what this week has been the most interesting and received the greatest response from readers.

Great weekend and happy reading!

45 of the rules that will make your life easier

Happiness depends primarily not on external circumstances, and our attitude towards them. We want to offer you a list of 45 simple rules that will make you calmer, more tolerant and happier. This is quite simple truths that do not require a lengthy explanation and justification.
Error smart people: do instead to Do

There is widespread and is a stupid mistake that often do not stupid people, without even realizing it. The fact that perform some action and do it, achieving a certain result – two different things. What is the difference between “do” and “do it”?
10 paradoxical traits of creative people

Psychology professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the most authoritative expert in the psychology of business, 10 describes the paradoxical features typical of creative individuals who were able to identify him in 30 years of operation. Want to know what distinguishes the creator of the man in the street?
Inspiration lyrics

Collection of beautiful images – this is good. And when those images still inspire – it is doubly good. Introducing the latest finds great examples of design, mainly from the words and letters, that is a beautiful typography.
How to prepare for the IELTS exam

This material was sent to our editorial Layfhakera reader who successfully circulated their skills in the IELTS exam and now shares tips with you. In the post, you are waiting for useful materials and recommended strategy for the exam – all verified by personal experience.
9 habits that will change your life

“The habit – second nature” – says the proverb. What if we consider the habits not only as a means to simplify life, but also as an “anchor of confidence” that there is a way to believe in yourself? Find out what habits can change your life by giving you confidence.
Newsweek: How to look, feel and be smarter

As Bill Gates said in his address to the students: “Be courteous to swot and botanists. It is possible that you will soon be working for one of them. “So do not hesitate to be smart. Do not be lazy to want to be smart. And to do this, you will learn from this infographic.
Abstraction and money exchange

It would seem that it may be easier and more specifically money. But the money – this is a very mysterious thing. When there is no money, we live in a world where there is almost no abstraction, representation of an ideal, because everywhere the very specific things that surround us in everyday life.
How to create an email directly from the address bar Google Chrome

The address bar of Google Chrome has many useful features, some of which we’ve already been told . However, this list of the hidden skills omnibox does not end there. Today you will learn how to create a new email using the address bar, Chrome.
10 useful things you need to know about your Dropbox

There is nothing better than Dropbox. We give a chance Yandex.Disk and Oblaku@mail.ru, but most remain on Dropbox. But even this minimalist service has chips, which do not all know, but that makes it even better!
An old adage is not by rumor

Read the full version of popular proverbs and sayings. “There will come a gray top and grab onto the flank …” Turns out, spinning seized on the flank and carry off in the woods, under Rakitova kustok. And then the birds are singing – kids will not sleep … similar losses “tail” comes from a popular expression, familiar to us from childhood.
Library – the best alternative coworking!

Now there is no one at all libraries. In addition to all, in all the major cities full of them, each district by a few. Put 3G internet on my laptop is also not a problem. Receive free, quiet and well-lit work space.
5 films that return to the faith of people running and even if you accidentally lost it on the run

Training workouts, but nothing helps in the marathon (and in life), such as the right motivation. These five films will return you to the belief in race and people, even if you accidentally lost it on the run 🙂
All you should know about the iPhone 5S / C

10 September Apple announced new phones iPhone 5S (S – is the speed) and 5C (C – is the color). If you are not sitting (or do not want to sit) in the information on this topic, here are the main points of hypnotic murmuring Johnny Ive and Tim Cook optimistic preaching.
Media has no alternative reality

One of the main trends of the Internet is the personalization of content. Until recently, she posed no threat. But in 2013, the media landscape has changed significantly in RuNet. Now it is easy not to see the things which you do not like or seem uninteresting, and thus likely to learn new things and change his point of view, it becomes less and less.
Archive broadcast of the event Apple September 10, 2013

Archive detailed textual presentation broadcast Apple, dedicated to the release of new iPhone and held on September 10, 2013. For those who are in the tank, it is strongly recommended for the inspection. And for those who followed, offer to remember how it was.
Homemade bread is cheap, tasty, useful, and make it a lot easier than you think

Many are beginning to prepare meals at home, which is usually used to buy everything in the store. Bakery – a vivid example of this phenomenon. Homemade bread is much tastier than the store. And to make it not so expensive and time as it may seem to many.


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