What to read over the weekend? The best materials for the week: 27-31.10.2014




The most “delicious” article for Layfhakera 27-31.10.2014. Enjoy!
What to read over the weekend?


Why rent are always more profitable than owning

Remove housing or buy? Rent a car or a fork to swallow his own? Debatable, but interesting.

Renting, you do not overpay for the guarantee and confidence in the future. Therefore, rent is more profitable than buying.

And do not rush to disagree with this statement. We have for you a couple of good reasons.

10 coolest features of the address bar Chrome, which you did not know

Chrome, the favorite of the vast number of Internet users in the world, knows how much. But if you can say with confidence that you know all of its features and convenient chips? In this post we have compiled 10 interesting features of the address bar Chrome, which will make your interaction with the browser even more enjoyable.
Videosovety for layfhakera: KNOWLEDGE per minute

We love for you to shoot video on the most different themes. And we hope that you enjoy watching them. 🙂 So please welcome a fresh selection of rapid tips for all occasions, viewing which will take you very little time.
Do not go to university, or Why I dropped out

“How to go? Why ?! “- this phrase I hear every time I try to answer the question about why I’m not at university. “You have, perhaps, something bad has happened, which is why you had to leave, right?” Of course, because just as no one from the university did not go away, right? Or not?

Propose to speculate with us, whether modern university education spent on him time and money.

diego_cervo / Depositphotos.com
6 simple ways to speed up the work OS X Yosemite

Despite the fact that the old Mac received an update on OS X Yosemite, their performance on the new OS is poor. Fix it is not too difficult if we use our instructions. We have prepared for you six tips to help speed up the work of the new OS X.
7 healthy habits that will improve the quality of your sex

When we say that sex – an important part of life, it is important to remember that our way of life, too, has a significant impact on what is happening in the bedroom. One can argue long about communication, but to negotiate with their own bodies is much more difficult if you do not have time and saves himself run health.

Pieces: Green Friends section

These fun figurines nothing more than a mini-terrarium in which they live, grow, and sometimes even a little bloom plant succulents. And they are ready to settle on your desktop to please the eye and inspire new ideas. Learn more about this little thing you can find in our special project ” Stuka “- piggy interesting, useful and simply beautiful things of the material world.
Mini terrarium Domsai

Antipodes Murphy’s Law: 20 steps to success

Natalie Grace, psychologist and business coach from St. Petersburg, in his book, “The Laws of Grace” described the interesting rules that are called antipodes of Murphy’s Law. We found them very entertaining! Do you like?

Law of legitimate expectations. You get out of life what waiting. Expect good and actions.

All the secrets of Excel-VLOOKUP (VLOOKUP) to search for data in a table and retrieve them to another

Layfhaker continues to share with you useful recipes work in MS Excel. Our guest author Denis Batyanov this week told how to quickly find the data in one Excel spreadsheet and move them to another using VLOOKUP. And he is here to answer your questions about the work in this program, so that, if any, welcome to the comments on this article ↑!
Three ways to become more intelligent. Proven by science!

How to pump your mental capacity? There is the answer! Yes, not one, but three, and each confirmed by scientific research. Read about them in our article, and never stops at ways to improve ourselves from all sides. 🙂
VIDEO: 7 good old exercise

Each year in fitness there is something new. For example, if you’ve heard something about the direction dzhingshin? It is a mixture of Pilates and martial arts, which gradually migrated to us from the West. Cool, interesting, but … not a revolution in the world of sports. In fact, good old exercise, many of which are familiar to us from another school physical education lessons, no worse can help you keep in shape (of course, the regular classroom). Videos for their implementation is attached.


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