What transport is the fastest in the city




What transport is the fastest in the city

What kind of personal transport in a real urban environment faster? Motorcycle? Scooter? Car? Let’s add here also the bike.

Thus, the incoming data:

1. The average Russian city with average quality of roads and the average number of traffic lights. In this case, the experiment was conducted in the Moscow Sergiev Posad.

2. Average day in the middle of the week, towards the end of the working day. Weekends are understandably excluded from the experiment.

3. Average road. That is part of the route lies on the main thoroughfare, and some – for in-block and vnutridvorovye roads.

4. The average distance. In this case 5.5 km. To experience more than enough.

5. Average drivers experimenters. It was me and my wife (riding and driving, by the way, is very good).

Now, the conditions of the experiment.

1. Ride in a comfortable and safe for themselves and others, mode, preferably observing traffic rules.

2. Do not turn this experience into a competition.

3. Simultaneous start. Under the simultaneous launch means a way out of the entrance, the preparation of transport for the movement and directly the start. This is an important point that should be taken into account as such and not as a wave of black and white checkered flag abstract judge.

4. Available experimental techniques. In our case, this SUV on the one hand and on the other – the propeller bike srednekubaturny Italian scooter and 700 cc bike, cruiser. All listing the most common technique, especially to experience not prepared, strobe lights, flashing lights are not available, and so on.

So there you go.

The first day. Bike and car. To my great surprise, almost dead heat. The difference – about one minute in favor of the vehicle. One explanation – the car had to stand at traffic lights trail along a stream, and a bicycle, it’s not fast, but is constantly traveling. And cutting off part of the way, as are available to him and walking paths.

The second day. Scooter and car. There was also a surprise, but for a different reason. Scooter came to the finish line before, but the difference was about the same moment. Despite the fact that the average (mean exactly!) Speed ​​of the scooter is higher than that of the car (he is in fact available aisle and with each set of lights he starts first), but the starting time losses were substantial. That is, in the car – the door is opened and closed, the key is in the ignition and drove off. A outfit for a ride on a scooter takes much more time – balaclava, helmet, fasten your jacket, put on gloves, buttoned all the buckles, and only after that you can sit in the seat and turn the key.

The third day. Motorcycle and car. After the result of the scooter was not a surprise – the finish was almost simultaneous, but the car “half a length” came before. Is easily explained by loss of time starting at Motorcyclist and large (compared with the scooter) dimensions. If the scooter on the aisle just seeps, the bike aisle seats had to “push”, and in some places stand: 84 cm width of the motorcycle to 46 cm wide scooters have been very significant difference.

Of course, for large distances to large cities with their tight plugs or standing for night-time the result will be different.

But for those who moved to the city often, and under similar conditions, the result of this experiment, I think, would be useful.

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