what trends in nutrition imposed on us and say that they are useful




Fashion for proper nutrition creates their “heroes”. The most useful breakfast – muesli is the most convenient lunch – sushi, most healthy snack – yogurt with dried fruit or a smoothie. But not all superheroes are ready to save your body – some products are only masked.

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As in the fashion industry in the diet has its own trends, which is usually followed. But they invented to sell more goods. You can even see how the title passed “healthy product”: people pounced on tofu and granola, switching to a raw food diet and dietary food and do everything possible to stay healthy and be in shape. But as soon as trends change, and we have learned that all these superfudy not so useful. Some may lead to health problems. Therefore, we offer a list of 15 foods that only pretend to be useful.

Plantain Chips

Banana chips advertised as an excellent substitute for sweets. Why have chocolate when you can eat banana chips! Bananas are useful after all, right? But the point is that the banana chips fried in deep fat. Even one serving contains 10 grams of saturated fats, which raise cholesterol levels. It is better to eat fresh banana, then health will be all right.



Sushi – an example of how useful the food turns into harmful if eaten in large quantities it. Sushi little subjected to heat treatment, so they are considered to healthy food. But sushi restaurants often cook fish with high mercury content. And if you eat too much mercury can get symptoms of poisoning. What? Insomnia, nausea, hair loss, high blood pressure … and so much more unpleasant consequences.


Muesli become synonymous with a healthy breakfast. Many people gave up bacon and eggs to start the day with something useful for the organism. But the pack muesli, standing on the shelves hide a nasty secret. Ready flakes with fruits contain about 500 calories and an immeasurable amount of sugar per serving. So if you want to eat really healthy muesli, buy a pack of oatmeal, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, mix and enjoy a healthy breakfast and not a fake in a beautiful package.

Energy Bars

Energy bars often can be found in department stores with special dietary and healthy food. Nevertheless, their diet can not be called. In favor of them are hard to find, they may even be harmful sweets. The fact that the energy bars basically make your body to store fat and calories to store, in which a bar may be up to 500 – so we have to eat for dinner. When you decide to once again enjoy bars, think about these figures.

Low-fat yogurt

When people try to lose weight, they are looking for products with the lowest fat content. Buy low-fat yogurt and think it helped my body, but I was wrong. When the fat content of the product is significantly lower, losing a lot of flavor. To compensate for this, manufacturers add sugar. And low-fat yogurt is pereslaschёnnym.

Gluten-free products

If you can not eat gluten for medical reasons, you have no choice but to go on a gluten-free diet . For everyone else, buy gluten-free products will be a waste of money. Such products with a high degree of purification does not contain whole grains, it means that they have little fiber and antioxidants. So, if the rejection of gluten is not vital, do not waste your money!


Shop sports drinks are harmful. Actually, on this planet, there is no useful products such shades. They are considered to healthy foods, because they are useful lemonades. Sweet drinks, of course, an absolute evil, made of sugar and chemical ingredients. But that does not make sports drinks useful. They are full of sugar, dyes and preservatives, so many of them are banned in Europe and Japan. Want to recuperate after a workout – prepare isotonic yourself .

Whole grains

Whole grains are useful because there are a lot of dietary fiber and contains vitamins of group B. But with such products need to be careful. The fact that manufacturers often referred tselzozernovymi products which are established only conditionally. Whole grains – one that contains all of the seeds. Treated seeds, which are more common in the products last longer and have a finer structure, but also for the body are less valuable.

Ready smoothies

If you are preparing smoothies at home, you’re on the right track. What could be better for the body than mixed juices, fruits and vegetables? At home you chef can add smoothies everything you want. But some people forget or do not have time to cook yourself a cocktail and buy ready-made products. Be careful! Sugar in them may be more than you think!


Heard of the diet on the popcorn? It was very popular. Who refuses to popcorn? But corn from the microwave – so-so idea. It contains part of diacetyl, which is added to all synthetic oils. Tasty, but terribly harmful. Diacetyl is safe if it is, but it can not breathe. And when the hot popcorn in front of you, it is very easy to breathe.

Frozen dinners

Frozen ready meals – salvation for busy people who can not cook every day. But there is a caveat, which makes semi-finished products harmful: they are very salty. Processed food loses its flavor and manufacturers solve the problem by adding to the products, salt, sugar and fat. In preparing dinner a lot of salt, but low in nutrients. And it is very rare whole grains.



Fans muffin justified by the fact that fresh muffins healthier than candy and fried donuts. But there exists a muffin and 400-800 calories! If no cupcake you can not live, choose one in which fewer ingredients. The simpler structure of a product, the more difficult to hide it sugar, fat and calories.


Granola – a term which is often called a healthy breakfast of baked cereals and nuts. Hype around the product was created mostly good advertising. As in the case of cereals, granola similar to that, it often contains a lot of sugar, which increases calorie one portion to an average of 600 kcal. When cereal mixture of sugar more than grains and fiber, it becomes completely useless. Carefully read the composition of the product, if you have a really healthy meal.

Nut butter


Nuts contain many nutrients that improve our condition, and help fight obesity in the composition of the diet. But it is necessary to process the nuts into a paste, as the benefits are completely lost. Processing decompose natural fats, are added to the product but artificial. A more salt, sugar, preservatives and colorants. It is better to use almond oil instead of pasta.

Dried fruits


Dried fruits are fine. When you dry them home, while retaining all the vitamins, minerals and fiber. But if you buy candied fruit in the store, then you take a bag of sugar . Sucrose manufacturers add dried fruit for flavor. And in order to preserve the color of the fruit, add sulfur. Such additives can be dangerous, and certainly will not help to lose weight.


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