What will race cars in 2025?




What will race cars in 2025?

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Car race strike the imagination. Speed ​​and danger made ​​motorsport romantic and glamorous, and many of the technologies and designs are born as a result of its development. Modern but old-fashioned racing cars flattened smell 50’s over the years, the era of machines, “Formula 1”, when fashionistas wore jackets with orange collars and shoes with rounded toes – it was designed specifically for the racers.

Auto racing is not only influenced the products of daily use, but, in fact, on the race cars (unjustified truism). Designers and engineers are constantly setting new records, increase the speed and handling, maneuverability and aerodynamic. And although there are a lot of racing cars (like cars and supercars) own development of major automotive companies, major fashion dictates, of course, the popular sports itself “Formula 1”.

It is worth noting that the most popular and best-funded types of racing cars have led to serious innovation. Some of them gave that to which we have become accustomed, even in everyday cars – aerodynamic. It was developed with the early days of racing cars when the team found that cars with a sleek and streamlined body through the air faster and faster to come to the finish line. And although the speed is, of course, well, security measures have also come directly from racing. When you drive too fast, you need reliable protection from damage – so there were seat belts, safety and various cells of the deformation zone. Even the common components such as disc brakes, too, came from racing.

Auto racing is driven by automotive progress , the war – Research.


Giving birth to countless innovations and food for the best minds of the largest automobile manufacturers, auto racing does not stop. Engineers racing cars of today are experimenting with lightweight materials like carbon fiber, innovators try alternative fuels and propulsion systems for racing cars completely new type, which are fundamentally different from cars, to drive on roads in Talladega. It is difficult to say when all of these ideas will come to a great racing trail, but the 5th annual auto show in Los Angeles showed a lot of delicious world of racing cars of the future.

And many prominent engineers, of course, took it all on the note. Well, let’s see what this dream race car drivers. As racing cars will look like in 2025?
The LA Auto Show Design Challenge


The purpose of a motor show in Los Angeles – lighting innovation and imagination of automotive designers around the world. The competition was part of the annual auto show, becoming a professional conference for designers from the world of cars. This is a great chance for people who literally think forms, discuss how cars will look like, to exchange experiences and to show themselves.

On the fifth team match Audi, BMW, General Motors, Honda, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Volkswagen presented their projects racing cars for 2025. In some cases, designers are not only found a new car, but also invented a racing car again.

Designers from Audi presented the race track with round ups and tunnels that would allow vehicles to pass someone, moving on the ceiling. Mazda team has dedicated a series of electric cars, and General Motors showed a series of eco-triathlon races. Honda team has gone further, extending the horizons of space and time, providing that the drivers need to circumnavigate the globe in 24 hours on land, sea and air – all in one vehicle. Team Volkswagen offered a rather simple track Baja, but made a condition at all about all no more than 37.9 liters of fuel. Toyota did not change the rules of Le Mans, but showed a car that can accelerate to 563.3 km / h, change shape for optimum control and use virtual reality conducive to easy the driver’s business.

Although the teams were created from a variety of automakers workers, each of them has some experience in racing. The deepest, perhaps, at Mercedes-Benz, on vehicles which riders rode the entire 20th century. Small companies like Mitsubishi also made to respect the rally-field, well, General Motors already on edge stuffed on American tracks.
The design of racing cars of the future: the materials and fuel


Projects that the team brought to the race at the Auto Show in Los Angeles, and were as diverse as car companies that provided them. However, common themes were. Despite the different approaches and different orientation of the concepts, commands, carefully thought about the materials, alternative fuels and propulsion systems.

BMW has thought of the idea of ​​alternative materials is deeper than the other: BMW Hydrogen Powered Salt Flat Racer should be collected from the cells barbecue and oil barrels. Audi started with the fact that equips the car a flexible frame, so that he became more mobile in the literal sense. Toyota established the photovoltaic panels, which could give the car extra power when needed.

Mercedes-Benz and General Motors have joined a unique material with alternative engines. Mercedes-Benz has used the skin, which would collect solar energy to power the vehicle, he also had a giant sail for the use of wind energy. Chaparral Volt by GM would use solar energy, gravity, turbines and capture device momentum to win the race.

To all this, Audi offered the use as fuel algae, BMW and Toyota have cost hydrogen. Mazda car would be electric, and Volkswagen driver would drive a car with biofuels.


Some of these technologies are more suitable than others. For example, hydrogen cars exist, technology for electric vehicles is constantly being improved, at least opening the way engines on that basis. Other toppings, like cars Honda, which should be easy to switch to move on land, sea or air (and where the fuel is a mystery), a flexible frame drums or Audi-wheel BMW, like a joke. But it is safe to say that in 2025, road race cars will be very different than today.
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