What you need to remember before you clone yourself?




What you need to remember before you clone yourself?

Thinking about cloning yourself or someone else? Well, all to remain seated. Cloning is fraught with dangers, which you may not be aware, well, or not thinking (do not want to offend anyone). Before we get to that fascinating case, take note of this article.

1. Make sure that you really need a clone


Clones, as tattoos, forever. Be sure that you will need a clone.

Clones like tattoos, once you acquire a single from her not to get rid of the hassle and without bloodshed. And if you have conceived an elaborate scheme involving dozens of clones in an interesting experiment, think carefully before you start it. You’ll have to watch for them and for the social experiment that you bet.

If you decide that your project is evil, and all the clones to be destroyed, you get a huge mess on your hands. As in the TV series “Dark Child”. This is quite a documentary film shows what happens if you stop loving their experimental clones.
2. Do not clone myself for parts


If you clone yourself for parts, you’re halfway to the thought “maybe I should just transplant the brain into a new body.”

It’s not very good. It’s easy to understand why you are going on is this: you are old, you have a lot of money, your body falls apart. Then a thought: “I need a new liver!”. And then another: “If I clone myself, I will have all the necessary parts.” After that, you’ll be thinking about transplanting brain into a new body.

As the cheap movies 70s, the clones do not get excited when finding out that they are just containers for additional parts. The protagonist is usually filled with horror, and in the end of the seeker does not get what he wants. A spoof of clones is not good.

In the end, you can simply buy organs.
3. Do not clone yourself to create the Army


If you have delusions of grandeur and the will to power, you can come to mind “good” idea that the creation of an army of associates will help you make all your plans.

You are a good and kind person? Then you do not need to take over the world and force everyone to bow down to you. But if you are obsessed with the advancement in power and megalomania, clone yourself you will find definitely a good idea. The army of like-minded, intelligent, and with the same desires as you have, surely it would be better bevy of silly servants. The problem is that, most likely, these clones will also obsessed with power, so long you can stay on the horse, and you end up with a bullet in the back shlopochet.
4. Do not create a clone for business purposes


You would like to have someone to share with you your responsibilities? Bad idea.

Not everyone likes to do the dishes. But do you know why you should not clone yourself to one of you did the dishes, and the other was playing video games and doing their own thing? Because he does not want to wash the dishes. Because it’s you. Why should he want to wash the dishes? By the way, this is a very urgent problem in science fiction .

There is another, more serious problem. In a time when you thought that are heavily loaded and decided to clone yourself, your clone comes out of the womb with the same thoughts. Moreover, he may well decide to clone yourself to lose a little commitment. And so on to infinity.
5. Make sure that the clones will be scrapped


Accidents happen, so you should find a proven method.

Let’s say you have a company with a single developer. The company is located in a remote location, so you hire workers out of nowhere, you better create your own. You create a complex system of clones. The first clone, after three years of work gets a “vacation”, you sadite it on the ship going home, which is really a waste container. This scheme will work as long as the new clone accidentally stumble on the last, revealing the secret and run away.

Disposal of waste – it’s good, but there is another way: a case that god-inventor. You need a self-destruct mechanism clone. Preferably one that does not leave a trace, but a pleasant fragrance. Just hit them with a deadly virus that will kill the clone for a couple of years, will not be enough, since the clones will be enough time to get angry and upset habitual foundations of existence.
6. Do not do evil clones of the good guys


Evil clones drink a lot of coffee.

Do you remember a single case where someone was trying to make a malicious version of a nice guy and he did it? No.

It is difficult to explain why the bad guys continue to do so. Sometimes evil clones have an inferiority complex due to the heroic original, so act like a clone of Picard from “Star Trek” they can not. Sometimes evil clone of a clone is crazy.

But even if the clone is very accurate, capable, not crazy and psychologically prepared, the original beats it in 99 cases out of 100. Luke won his clone in the trilogy of “Star Wars” by Timothy Zahn. Cases in science fiction mass.
7. Do not clone the good guys


Even a good clone can be bad.

It’s not worth it. The chances that the bad guy steals a clone – even at a young age – equal to about 98%, and after that it will still turn even a miracle in the mud. While everyone thought that kid from Cable “People X» died, it was cloned, and the main villain has kidnapped him and turned into a villain Strife.

But the chance to stay not stolen does not promise happiness. Female clone of Wolverine – X-23 – did everything right, but spent too much time in the post underage prostitute, so it’s not cool. Even the mutant capable of creating clones of himself, had problems: one of the clones had a child by accident and was absorbed as got even for a clone.

Cloning character is usually at least as many problems as it solves.
8. Do not marry the evil clones


Do not say, “I agree.”

It is not necessary to leave the girls to their subsequent cloning with specific goals. As found Scott Summers of comics “People-X» in the situation with Jean Grey / Meydelin Pryor, evil clones do not like it.
9. It is not necessary to clone his dead wife

Simply complete a course of medical therapy.

It is not necessary to clone his dead wife and give her the opportunity to chat with teens her own son the same age, without explaining how they are related.

In my opinion, this rule does not need an explanation, but still Gendo Ikari from “Evangelion” broke it with a very scary and predictable results. If you fail to comply, prepare money for the treatment of each of the victims.
10. Do not clone himself for a magic trick

Cloning itself for magic – it’s creepy.

Especially when it comes to murder. Just count. If you do this three times a week, you will have tons of dead bodies on his hands. Although the “Prestige” Hugh Jackman is quite deftly coped with the problem of bodies. But in general, it’s creepy. “I am a hundred times committed suicide for the sake of the magic trick” sounds pretty pathetic, if you choose to say it out loud.
11. Remember who the real

Who can prove that he is the real one?

You may not want to fight with his clone or clones for the right to be the first. Unfortunately, the individual marks on the body or clothing – all this can be easily reproduced. Do not forget about the labeling of clones. Perhaps by numbering or marks on the forehead.

In the anime “Urus Yatsura” Ataru clones possessed by commas flying above their heads, which were very useful, but it’s hard reproducible. In any case, if you do not set the right, who’s in charge, to be a fight, and the winner will be the head of a default.

In addition, it is not necessary to distinguish between clones, adding an extra vowel in the name. “Lyuyuk Skywalker sounds silly.

Actually, let’s start with the dinosaurs .
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