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The new WhatsApp status was released in Germany. What’s this? What shoud that? Do I need to use it? A few discarded questions and answers about WhatsApp status and my first opinion. Who has spent the last days under a rock: WhatsApp has a new feature called WhatsApp Status. Now I would like to explain this function by Snapchat or Instagram – but I have in the back of the head that I send my WhatsApp my pianist now and then pictures of my son Max.

Since the topic of Videotelefonie to explain, was already a delicate topic. The woman is over 80 and when I come to her with Snapchat and Instagram, she will show me the bird.

Here is the first danger to the still young function: Why should I use in the network in which I have probably the most important contacts (namely the telephone number (yes, so people think about 30)), Which I can particularly easily make a monkey? Instagram and Snapchat. You can show things to people.

Perhaps people have chosen me voluntarily. They follow me because I post cool stuff. At WhatsApp I have the birds, which I somehow also in the contacts have to have. Almost the same function, but the intention of sharing and the content can be different.

WhatsApp status allows you to set video or pictures as traffic jams. Several even. These individual images or videos are then automatically played back one after the other. If a part of a status is older than 24 hours, it automatically flies out. If you create a status, this is usually everyone in the overview of WhatsApp status, which has you in the address book. Here in the fast run a few explained functions.

If you start the new WhatsApp status, you see the following picture. Purely functional, there is nothing great in Android and iOS, which is why I mixed here screenshots. On the start page, I see new status messages of my contacts – or the contacts that have shared this.

In my case, Soeren and Benjamin have a status that I have not seen yet. Below you will find well-respected reports, in my case I have looked at my name father. Important! Point 1, the data protection – or even the right part of the screenshot. Here you can specify who can see your status. The first item “My Contacts” means that your status can see ALL your contacts. In my case also the patentant. In your case maybe work colleagues and co

Do you want to show the brisk status of the weekends, with Pils and properly groomed in the shabest shed of the city? That’s why you can fix it. You have two options: Search in “My contacts except …” the people who are not supposed to see your status – while close friends are selected under “Share only with …” – then only the selected ones can see the status. By the way: If you go to “Share only with” and choose no one and confirm, the function is virtually dead. You can organize what you want, but no one sees it. Forever alone.

The status as such if you want to use it. At iOS top right to find, at Android right down. If you press the middle button, you can make a video, a simple tap makes for a picture. No matter what it is: you can still use the tools at the top edge to cut the contents, add emojis, scratch free and insert text. Emojis can be dragged larger and smaller, text can be rotated and can also be adjusted via the right color palette. Afterwards you can send the fun as a status.

As mentioned: A status in image or video disappears after 24 hours, you can give as many status messages as you want – then run with the receivers like a small movie. Users can then comment on any part of your status, but they will find the “Answer” field in the status below.

Now it is interesting: WhatsApp status is not separated in the WhatsApp universe, but integrated. If you reply to a status, a new chat is started. The sender of the status will get a preview of the status with your answer in your reply – in the standard chat of WhatsApp:

Oh yes: If you are of the opinion that your status must go away, or a video or picture is embarrassing you: This can be deleted. In the overview of WhatsApp you can see your status above. A click on the points shows you the individual status messages, which can still be seen. Then you see an eye symbol.

This shows how often the status was seen – a click on it indicates who has seen the respective status. If you press a longer status, it is selected. The waste bin appears in the upper right corner of the bar. A single status item can be deleted. Is something different with iOS.

There is also the overview with your own status, here you have to delete however from the single picture or video: So on the main page “My Status” and there the individual messages see, the element to be deleted to call (over the arrow up ) And the garbage can. As you see under iOS, by the way, who looked at your status.

So, after reading this text, you know what it’s all about. Now it is said: Benefit. Or let it be. I’m going to be.

Questions that arose in the aftermath:

Do I get user information when I make screenshots of their status? No, not at this time.

See users who have deleted, but who have my number, the status? No. Example: I have Sascha in my contacts, but he does not. He does not see my status, and I do not see his own. Contacts as conceptuality therefore presuppose an existing contact on both sides. At least it was so in our test run so the case.

Is it possible to mute annoying permanent status posters? Yes, simply swipe the interferer in the overview, select “MUTE” in the side menu. This is then muted until unlocking (mutes are displayed at the bottom of the list).


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