Where does the love of music and begins audiophiles




We live in a world of people who are indifferent to music. If tomorrow you buy a German S-Class or designer coat, then look at you with envy and respect, but if suddenly someone finds out that you spend on good headphones that cost as ultrabook, in his eyes, you are, of course, will always remain audiophile and an idiot.Audiophile in the understanding of the masses – a person who loves expensive musical instrument. But this concept is applicable more to the fanatics. In fact, sane people buy expensive equipment is not for the sake of owning an expensive technique. They just want to hear the music really.

What does “really”? It’s simple. You do not buy a copy nouneymovye iPhone? But why? After all, they are very similar. Perhaps you would like to receive the genuine product, this, this, as he is seen and created Apple, right? Same with music. Connoisseur wants to enjoy not like, not a set of compression results and limitations of dynamic headphones, and this sound – the way it was in the studio. The way the composer heard his creation.

Actually, the problem pops up here and shirpotrebnyh technologies. Similarly, as MP3 inevitably distorts an original composition due to loss of data, dynamic mass headphone incapable exactly transmit sound due to technical limitations.

Dynamic – is any headphones in stores. Way up from simple ones to Philips Sennheiser mediocre and magnificent Audio-Technica, you begin to understand why the prices are so different. But one day, by chance you manage to listen to the planar-magnetic (also known as isodynamic) headphones, and not the most expensive, and relatively modest cost for the segment Oppo PM-1. And at this very moment your life is divided into before and after.

To unlock the potential of these headphones have once and for all forget about lossy-format music. No MP3. Only lossless, only FLAC, WAV, DSD and other noble representatives of the digital music without loss of quality. And then miracles begin. Even your favorite songs not immediately recognizable. Heard one hundred times the songs sound as if they were cleared, added a lot of fine detail, thanks to which you transfer from the plane of the mediocre sound in the new world. Volumetric, juicy, full of colors. This stunning effect of the presence, if favorite band is located directly in front of you. Here you feel deep soft Party bassist. Drummer gives a nice transition. You close your eyes, and the brain itself complements the audio experience picture. You’re not in your room. You’re out there on the live performance. More precisely, you’re not there, and they’re here. Musicians comfortably settled around you to perform the best songs, and you – the only listener.

Why such a difference in the sound? The answer lies in technology. Conventional dynamic headphones – is, in fact, conventional speakers that are designed to be large and located at a distance from the listener. Miniaturization in this case is an attempt to cram nevpihuemoe with all the consequences.

Isodynamic planar magnetic headphones – this is a fundamentally different technology. There is no usual dynamics and sound generates finest Ultra-Light diaphragm, bonded by a magnetic system is driven entirely without distorting the sound. Miniaturization in this case does not interfere, but rather helps to ensure a perfect sound. The technology is not new, even in the Soviet Union made these headphones. However, from a certain moment forgot about them, and the market was swamped with exceptionally dynamic solutions.

Who is bucking the trend, because even the most complex “normal” headphones rested on the ceiling – the limit of dynamic design features. In this case, they may not pick up a millimeter to the quality in which we could talk about the plausibility of play compared to the sound of the song actually. There will approach compared with black-and-white movie: You can increase the clarity of the image to infinity, but without the color you will never be conveyed the beauty of the surrounding world.

The second wave of popularity izodinamiki caught us at a time when technology had gone far ahead and process technologies allow you to create even the most miniature design with stunning accuracy. The result is a parish in the segment more affordable isodynamic headphones from the American manufacturer. Oppo PM-1 – one of the most interesting examples of such premium acoustics.

Where does the love of music and begins audiophiles

You get the highest quality product at the best value, and it is very good, if not one big BUT!

Those most audiophiles fanatics who refuse to take into account the objective measurement data and sincerely believe that if the brand is not too hyped and not the most expensive, it is, by definition, is not worthy of purchase. Too low a price, in their opinion, is a weighty argument. You are likely to hear something in the style:

Your magneplanarki are just a piece of dollars? Yes, you see, how much are normal headphones!

It is here and ends with a love of music. If a person puts the brand and the price higher objective indicators of quality, then we can talk about the clinic.

This is especially true in the category of hi-end-equipment. There are no cheap and low-quality samples, because even close to the bottom of the price range option several times more expensive consumer goods, and quality standard is to reach for staple height. It is important to remember that quality equipment does not tolerate savings on individual elements of the system. Listen to MP3 with cheap izodinamike player – it’s insanity. The range Oppo is a discrete balanced amplifier HA-1, designed specifically for isodynamic headphones and able to fully disclose their potential.

Where does the love of music and begins audiophiles

Feature Oppo HA-1 is the ability to play music directly from your smartphone or tablet, as well as any other mobile device with Bluetooth. If you decide to move to a new level of listening to music, and so you will spend more. Do not overpay for the brand, in the hi-end-segment it does not mean anything


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