Where to go, “Voyager 1” now?




In the western hemisphere on a dark clear sky you can see the constellation in the shape of a giraffe – the future destination of “Voyager 1”. After several years of unconfirmed rumors that the spacecraft broke through the defense of the sun, scientists NASA , finally gave up and announced that the probe was the first starship in August last year.

“Voyager 1” is enough nuclear fuel to continue to serve the good of science until 2025, after the death of drift. On its current trajectory of the probe in the end should be 1.5 light years away from the star in the northern constellation of Camelopardalis, which looks like a cross between a giraffe and a camel. No one knows if the planets around the star, and will justify whether there aliens residence at the time of the arrival of the probe.

“But if they are there, maybe they would take” Voyager 1 “, – said mission scientist Tom Krimigis of Maryland.

Border crossing

Since 2004, the “Voyager 1” traveled through the border zone heliosphere, a magnetic bubble, inflated by charged particles flowing from the sun. Movement of objects in the heliosphere has shown that the charged gas, or plasma filling the space between the stars must be much tighter for the boundary of the heliosphere, and a team of “Voyager” made sure of that by fixing a sudden increase in the plasma density.

Variations in ambient plasma, which probe seen in late 2012 and early 2013 showed that its density is increased and is now 40 times greater than it was before. The increase was due to begin August 25, 2012.

These data correlate with data from other instruments “Voyager 1”, which showed a decrease in the level of sunlight entering the probe also in August last year. Was also recorded an excess of galactic cosmic rays that come from sources outside the heliosphere. Together, the evidence points to the fact that “Voyager 1” actually crossed the border.

Sunny tug

The probe may no longer bathed in solar particles, but the galactic cosmic rays show that in the vicinity of the probe is still present line of the solar magnetic field. This suggests that “Voyager-1” is the final transition zone.

Premature reports on the output of the probe of the heliosphere shows how little we know about the outskirts of the sun. What does tell us to “Voyager 1” about them?

“I’m doing great restraint forecasts, especially given our poor track record” – says Krimigis. – “But I expect surprises.”

As soon as the ship sails farther into the galaxy, a team of NASA will wait for the change of the magnetic field , which will give the final answer to the question, went to “Voyager 1” from all the effects of the solar gravity, and say all that can be gleaned about interstellar space before we lose contact.
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