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With the announcement of a new line of fableta Galaxy Note , owners or prospective owners Note 2 certainly have wondered whether it is worth to upgrade, or better, take a moment to buy at a discounted price Note 2, when the local vendors to lower their prices to brush their warehouses. Let’s compare the specifications Galaxy Note 3 , 2013 issue and Galaxy Note in February 2012 and learn game worth the candle.



Both gadgets are the same height. However, the new model Samsung has decided to focus its attention on the thickness of the device and therefore made it thinner than one millimeter. When you consider that the novelty has more diagonal display, while maintaining, and in some places even reducing their size, the Galaxy Note 3 here is ahead.


Another positive development, which boasts a new model fableta is its reduced weight – Galaxy Note 3 by about 7 per cent lighter than the Galaxy Note 2.


Perhaps the most significant external changes in the new model should be considered as its body. Samsung has decided to give a new Note 3 to the traditional glossy plastic and uses artificial skin here. Quite possibly this is a new kind of plastic coating, but at least now the device does not look “just plastic.” Final conclusions we’ll leave to the time when the device will feel himself.


Perhaps the biggest reason for buying a new Note 3 could be his display. He is a seven per cent more than the old model, offers Full HD resolution and 125 percent has more pixels.


In fact and in Note 2 does not have any performance issues: its processor copes with all tasks assigned to it. But in the case 3 Note performance will be even greater. LTE-version of the new items will work on the basis of fast quad-core Snapdragon 800, and HSPA +-branded version will receive an eight-chip Samsung Exynos octa. In other words, Galaxy Note 3 promises to be one of the fastest mobile device for the remainder of 2013.
Random access memory


Two gigabytes of memory, which are used in Note 2 is more than enough for modern problems. However, Samsung is looking to the future and offers a new Note 3 as much as much as 3 GB of RAM. This is the largest amount of RAM of all smart phones that are available in the market.
Read-only memory


Samsung has decided to skip the version with constant memory of 16 GB and offers a new Note only two options: either 32 GB or 64 GB. Given how much eat at the 16-gigabyte version of the Galaxy S4 only set of standard applications, the rejection of the low-end model can seem really wise decision.


Although Galaxy Note 2 and so provides one of the best batteries on the market, Samsung promises not only a new Note 3 high energy battery (3200 vs 3100 mAh in Note 2), but also indicates that the display (although the fact that it is larger) in the new device less “voracious”. It will be interesting to know how things will obstoyat in real trials.


The main rear camera in the new device also received updated and now meets 13-megapixel optical sensor, which is used in the Galaxy S4. The front camera is now 2 new items-megapixel and 1.9-megapixel not, as in Note 2.
Wireless capabilities


It is foolish to compare the capabilities of the devices are in this category, as almost every modern top-end smartphone has, inter alia, support the communications standard LTE. The exception, perhaps, of a Nexus 4, but its days are numbered.


Newbie Note 3 is running on the latest operating system (at least for now, until Android 4.4 Kit Kat) Android 4.3. Release 4.3 is promised for Note 2. According to the latest rumors, it has to happen this fall. Most important, Samsung has added “under the hood” of the operating system Jelly Bean.

But here, as in the case of the Galaxy S4, a whole ton of various useful (and not) in conjunction with a software application add-in TouchWiz on top. And if the Galaxy S4 and TouchWiz all over it is clear that TouchWiz to Note 3 is of interest. And because the device uses among other things updated stylus S Pen. And its full potential is revealed precisely in Note 3: The device allows you to create “active notes” by converting handwritten text (typed S pen) in the text printed. With the help of written commands can even call on the number you want to find the correct address, or add the contact information in the search, and much more, “Album of the fragments” allows you to gather all the necessary information from a variety of sources (websites, video services, galleries, and so on) and organize its in one place, while maintaining links to the originals, the function ‘instant comments “allows visitors to make any just make a screenshot;« S Finder »may be used as advanced search any information in memory Note 3. You can search by keyword, built-in filters (by date, file type, location). In this case, information can be sought even one that is written by hand, the function “window in the window,” is perhaps the most obvious empowerment S Pen. Stylus in this case, can be used not only to record and edit pictures, but also to work with windows in multi mode. Use the stylus to draw the desired size of the window and open it in the application. Anyone, whether the browser, YouTube app, or a calculator. All the other open programs will continue to work on.

As expected, the new device in almost all respects was better than its predecessor. The new processor, increased in size and screen resolution juicier with reduced dimensions, the new software features a new body in the end.

So is it worth buying a new device as soon as it appears on the shelves? If you are the owner of Note 2, I personally would advise to wait for the first test in real conditions and reviews the very first customers. If you only want to buy a new device and make a choice between the Note 2 “now” and Note 3 “later”, the choice is also complicated by the fact that the stores are likely in the near future will significantly reduce the cost of last year’s fableta and novelty in their turn will cost as much as 35,000. But if you talk in general, Note 3 already seen a very worthy upgrade line.
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