Which smart phone to buy in 2013?




Which smart phone to buy in 2013?

How often do people buy their new smart phones? Some are guided by the choice of the manufacturer, the other on the operating system. Do not forget about the price, which is one of the main criteria for the choice of a “smart” phone. Let’s try to go on several criteria and understand the flagship smartphones from different manufacturers are present on the market today.

This article will tackle eight smartphones that are currently interested in the majority of users. They are the Samsung Galaxy S IV, HTC One, Apple iPhone 5, LG Optimus G Pro, BlackBerry Z10, Sony Xperia Z, LG (Google) Nexus 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note II. We have tried to include at least one smartphone from first-tier manufacturers.

The only omission, perhaps, is the fact that there is no single smartphone Lumia, but it is fixable in the future. Especially Nokia is about to release a new flagship model .

It should be noted that the full range of features of a smartphone in the article do not have to look for, you can find them in other specialized sites, but to get an idea of ​​the above models are possible.

So there you go.


For the convenience of smartphones and fablety presented together. It can be argued that there are half fabletami devices, but this class in every way possible to carry out the above only Galaxy Note II and Optimus G Pro.

The most compact is the iPhone 5, and the sheer size of the above have a smartphone Galaxy Note II and Optimus G Pro. As they say, someone that close.

Body Materials

For most painful enough criterion, is not it? Smartphones Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S IV, Optimus G Pro and BlackBerry Z10 enclosed in plastic, while the HTC One and Apple iPhone 5 may boast aluminum body. But Sony Xperia Z and LG Nexus 4, in turn, have housings made of glass.


If you need the lightest smartphone, there is no equal iPhone 5. For users who are looking for something heavier worth a look in the direction of Galaxy Note II and Optimus G Pro.


Most of the companies have entered into a race pixel density screens, which has now reached its climax. The only problem is that the human eye does not catch the difference between 330 PPI and 430 PPI. About that, at what is the best smartphone display can be found in this note .


Out of all the attention given smartphones have dual-core processors only the iPhone 5 and the BlackBerry Z10. All the others can boast high-performance SoC, which include four processing cores and a powerful graphics engine. The only difference Galaxy S IV – one of the modifications which features eight cores. The situation with the processor is a bit like a race pixel density screens. The computing power of processors is quite high, so all of these smart phones are fast. The difference is almost imperceptible. Most argue that the modification of the Galaxy S IV-based SoC Exynos 5 Octa is the fastest, but there is much evidence that this is not the case.

Random access memory

All of the above eight different smartphone 2GB of RAM, and only the iPhone 5 was half the RAM. However, the reasons for concern here is also not – the hardware and software of the iPhone 5 are complementary, so everything works smoothly and without delay.

Built-in Memory

Hardly anyone keeps in his smartphone films as Full HD, thousands of photos and console games at the same time. If not, then the minimum 16 GB should be enough, given the number of available cloud storage that exist today. Users who are a little 16 GB should look for models that offer more memory and support for cards microSD.


Megapixel is fine, but just in case you need a minimal understanding of the possibilities of the camera. Various sensors, pixel dimensions, optics, technology – all play a key role in the formation of the best quality photos. For example, the new flagship of the Taiwanese company HTC has decided to abandon the race megapixels. More details about the HTC One camera with “ultrapikselyami” can be read here .


Indicator of battery life battery smart phone is one of the most important and it is worth mentioning that the battery is currently lagging behind other components. Today, there are a lot of promising developments that may increase the battery life of smartphones and reduce the charging time in 1000 .

Networking opportunities

All of these networks operate in smartphones LTE, except Nexus 4 which supports only HSPA +. However, who needs smartphone module LTE, if it does not operate in the desired frequency range. Perhaps this problem soon decides universal chip production Qualcomm LTE ?

Operating System and Software

On the mobile OS market at the moment clearly distinguished four players – iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Not so long ago, the question which of these is the most popular operating system, has been devoted a whole article . Despite the fact that most of these smart phones running operating system Android, they are all different proprietary shell and features. Samsung has TouchWiz, with HTC – Sense, while the LG – Optimus. Smartphone Nexus 4 running “clean» Android, always the first to receive updates and has its own bells and whistles. Each OS has its own store with applications for every taste. Giving preference to one of the OS can be as narrow a search.

A new model

Most manufacturers hold plans to release new smartphones under lock and key. However, take a look at the release date of the current flagship, and you can easily determine the approximate release date for the new. In the image above clearly shows, what time of the sale appeared in each of the considered smartphones. At the moment of “fresh blood” remain Galaxy S IV, HTC One and Optimus G Pro. New iPhone and Galaxy Note can be expected in August-September this year.

The smartphone market is growing at a rapid pace. About every six months on the market, there are new high-end smartphone segment from the first-tier manufacturers. Technology does not stand still. One gets the feeling that in the near future, fighting for the wallets of people, most manufacturers will produce models of high-end segment of each month.
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