who was picked seleted as the best of the Alpha Pitches chosen by the student entrepreneurs

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DEMO come from 14 most interesting startups

From Stanford University (Stanford University), Byron (Byron), Lau Dan song, co-founder of Ballina and the pattern has emerged as a simple level of student entrepreneurs start of the project RentLingo alpha most of the stadium have been “given” during the interview, apartment hundreds of owners and tenants of the property manager. Preliminary tenant, the apartment, but you can find a list of scores of sites where you can find information about roommates or sublets easily so there is no way.

Tenants of social networking services to help the homeowner find the best apartment rental fashionable tenants the RentLingo procedure used to determine the less pain. To start the operation is complete, Open Graph and Facebook to provide a social context, such as the search for an apartment in the sum of the information the user a list of major players. Contact (application) so you all through this dynamic map UI, a friend who lives in a particular region, you also can see the question in this list provides more localized feel.

Friend, you can put a comment on the apartment, and then drag, the social graph, and to all the people in the network will be displayed. Aggregation sites, and each list around more hyogwajeokinwa “review” aims to provide a system, you can see all social emotions. Red pin all of the list of countries easily price, size, location, frequency network list, review, and indeed filtering can be displayed.

Will set the platform for the owner of the idea, and the landlord (Yelp) and social graph for easy location that you can see where to go to be able to find a good place for students, say, with the help of the location and the landlord. Has taken a unique angle Padmapper Craigslist Zumper and hundreds more space, but a lot of people can be powerful. Largest RentLingo

Then how to display few years the technology-driven Nasdaq vision DEMO Austin-based woobeeun (U – non-pronunciation) in our house because of the sci-fi play house ‘People’s Choice Award. Has removed the need for world started unintuitive and home technology and costly programming or additional hardware is simple and inexpensive, allowing for

Easily IP-based smart devices using Android or iPhone users can control Ube applications. Smart TV set-top boxes, AV receivers, DVD players, temperature, the garage door opening and closing device includes Using a cloud application that can be used to control a device in my house for you in Ube – you all smartphones and WiFi router is required. Application to work with the release next month, the company has more than 200 IP control devices, he said. Peter yesterday, you can check out the UWE covered the launch of the in-depth review.

DEMO, which is part of the Rock for Health (Large healthtech) the most recent batch of two health accelerators five winners big thing was Included in the discussion below applies Rock Health, we placed third.

Neumitra health, productivity, and the development of technology-based data on the effects of stress to resolve happiness. More specifically, the company is a private signal that sets the context for the wear, and mobile technology in the autonomic nervous system and stress monitor and use the biosensor, has been developed. Both individuals and large corporations in the dashboard emphasize the statistical analysis, the data collected.

Bandu user physiological signals, in order to determine the DEMO Neumitra latest products, smart sensors, smart, can reduce stress and use of the clock speed. ” Bandu their own body temperature, motion, skin conductance monitoring. Device course, a variety of non-drug or bitalga appears Atmosphere – If you see a message asking you if you change the number of measures, an increase in stress (ie, red flags) that represent a standard, and larger changes could not be found. Bandu game, it’s a mobile phone or kindly send notifications grandmother on the phone or listen to music that is recommended.

NeuroTrack back, Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive disorders diagnosed behavioral assessment tools that help software-based (cognitive / Video Test Suite) before symptoms onset to identify. Recruiting candidates for clinical trials Nerotrack and measure drug efficacy to help researchers and pharmaceutical companies, and accelerate the drug development process.

With the announcement of the latest products NeuroTrack of the goal instead of simply mouse or trackpad, you can test the car, the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, more extensive use of eye-tracking test by eliminating the need for demo access You can

ElectNext people with the goal of maintaining and related information on important political issues. People in politics on a typically busy street, we make sure our votes and figure out how to live life to form policy decisions – or at least we say that going. At the very least, we can be a little more detailed information. Therefore, the goal is the easy part so ElectNext some visual Q & A with dating dynamics.

Is displayed to match your political views and users () that most closely matches the final political goal was most important to them and does not allow, you are prompted to select the three issues. This response is to use the site to determine the political games will have to answer additional questions. Politicians that do not meet the specific problems digging the atmosphere, can be used to compare the user data that is passed to each question.

Donations for the network and the selected candidate with a wide range of people can participate. Of course, the simple but important to them and their constituencies are likely to be, load can be proposed (Oh, I can see a useful platform for politicians to participate CA) simply desired self-petition, depending on the problem, how create tools to increase voter participation in the United States, even if you do not ElectNext, and the goal is to live. Half-hearted, good luck to you, young people, and I’ve heard people say.

UC Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara) Birdeez of students Ecolek I grew up in the projects. The value of the hand, or two days a new mobile phone. Application is simply to identify and bird watching whales can be tracked. It’s not a joke, it can track people in the new display their day-to-day bird-watching tour. Read the description for the animals, the birds about it, post all mokgyeokreul track Birdeezows and check. Do you understand? Story? Warning: city life, you if you do not have very many utility application. Can identify several pigeons.

Lack of at least a part-time Flinja college students and recent graduates looking for jobs. Cancellation and underemployment of the epidemic, given all the age groups among the great mission. Freelance freelance personnel Flinja of college students will return to the EMarketplace they can provide. Can post and faculty in order to provide their services, which can be booked directly Zaarly or TaskRabbit, students, employers and the sound resembled a twist. Large warrant for the idea to make a few bucks on the side, and build a network of experts, is that you can connect to a place for students to search for internship and job jegongwa.

Is one of the applications from my favorite PassBan DEMO – PassBan, such as multi-factor authentication for mobile devices that provides In order to maintain several digital devices and critical information security, voice, motion, face recognition, location, and security applications, the token validation methods, and Password Keeper, but most of features that you can unlock the Web site of the device users.

For example, his glorious face that is granted to the top you can access to their mobile phone can be set, this app (iOS and Android) because individual sites or a few months, the application of security steps are available through your Dropbox account or Gmail nose roommate can Be able to hear the voice of the iPad Games App of purchase bills or your son or daughter and grant access PassBan – when more and more cases.

Another nice feature: the grant or at home, at work, while you try to deny your application for you to operate in remote access so you can display it on a website a friend says. With other applications, such as voice, face, location, and select one of the users you want to select, or you can set a combo of people from a specific app or web site, including web sites. Is currently in beta and will soon be open to the public. So please stay tuned.

Bizness Apps: a simple tool to start own fast and cheap iOS Android or personal or corporate Mobile App web (HTML5) the audit of his time in writing, you can create – they do not know – even if we in the way this technology is

Start at the beginning of the DEMO, as well as to provide a white label program for DIY application development tools for the SMB market growth has added a new product to your arsenal. Bizness of the first building to be able to sell new products internally white label reseller CRM applications and Web sites from start-ups and small businesses. Is recommended for third-party products you can not find a good product teams from small businesses to those who want to sell you, so it can generate

Clue generator any location and jopeunreul is the “Web site” or all of the industry’s lead, you can not find the fact that “myspace page” clear list of criteria based on one of the main features of the CRM platform, users select quality websites more and more people will help you narrow down the time to market and in this case the results of the traditional marketing and social media for small businesses and the presence of a field sales team more likely to invest in mobile applications because

Track pipeline, schedule appointments, track and moving sales statistics, dashboards, team collaboration platform is also their iPhone application can contain.

This is a bold claim: Portland-based Tellagence believe that you can start the flow of content on a social network, can predict the development of technology to share information about all network. In a nutshell, the algorithm is used to evaluate and analyze the tremendous amount of change held every day through interaction, behavior, and social network social forecasting techniques.

Instead to predict the path of self-communication, and social analysis platform can identify Tellagence relationship dynamics monitoring system in the context of the “conversation” calling will not be able to. Personal brand and corporate users with the most important goal by increasing the range of relationships to optimize the impact of marketing activities of a small group of keys to move the focus away will be able to

Twitter development and corporate marketing for the start of the first product is focused on. For more information on the science, go here.
People see

When betting whatever applications YouBetMe you can challenge friends (and strangers). The beginning of the application of TechCrunch, will be able to take advantage of all the opportunities to create the movement of the user through the data with it you how many Jell-O shots Betting You can bet that tracks whether life for public evaluation of the Monday Night Football betting is betting platforms, and SMS-based application, see the GNOME honest.

Users to share Bonfyre the most important people (and sharing) the relevant organizations and private photos and content sharing application can create. Photostreams in groups around these private organizations, event planning, real-time mobile users to create and share a good set up to participate in the forums and both OLE events.

The exciting things happening on their mobile maps Blipboard. Mapping the friends, places, and events of other companies around the surface of the affected and, depending on the activities and interests. “Blips” in place to attract other users, or location-based alerts can be generated. Moving soon to the App Store application.

Candy Lab’s new ads – the world of mobile applications using augmented reality video game and turn it on. Combination of currencies, the company provides a hierarchy of location-based AR games, Google AdWords, Foursquare and Super Mario Bros. “Cachetown

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