Why can’t we stop looking to mobile phones all the time?




Why can’t we stop looking to mobile phones all the time?

By: Ghada Mohammed, Editor, technical Arabic News Portal

Do you sometimes pick up your mobile phone before you consider what you want to do it, and whether it is necessary or can be deferred, as well as by thinking whether the time and place suitable to use the phone or not? Whatever your answers to previous questions, there seems to be some answer is Yes, and that using a cell phone turned in a way of being conscious is already causing a reflex, like a lot of daily habits that we do without thinking.

This may provide an explanation for the thousands of people around the world insist on using mobile phones while driving, despite their awareness of the seriousness of this for their own safety and the safety of others, which means that such a problem requires more than the warnings and strict laws, needs to look at how we usually use a mobile phone, and the impact of new technologies on our attitudes, wrote Len nivakh reporter with the Boston Globe .

The article described us Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood question writing texting while driving as a “national epidemic”, a description is true, according to a survey by the Center for disease control and prevention in the United States, nearly one-third of American adults to write text messages or via e-mail on their phones while driving at least once during the previous month, while the flights mostly ended safely, others were accidents.

Several studies have warned of the danger of cell phone use in General, and write text messages, while driving for distract drivers, and a recent study by the Virginia Institute of technology transfer that drivers who report texting while driving increases the risk of collisions at a rate more than twice compared with drivers who focus their attention on the road, as far as “National Safety Council, a nongovernmental us Organization, 213,000 vehicles in the United States for collisions during 2011 because drivers write Text messages, compared to 160 thousand cars a year earlier.

He called the growing proliferation of the phenomenon and the seriousness of the 41 u.s. States to pass laws prohibiting the typing text messages while driving the car, and police are testing a more decisive strategies to implement the Act, along with awareness campaigns such as the one launched by the company “at & t” connections “can wait”, and included a documentary collection of some persons who caused car accidents because of the writing of text messages, and others who have lost their loved ones in such incidents to invite the public to stop this habit.

But laws and intensive propaganda campaigns have contributed to reducing the phenomenon of writing texting while driving, because the problem is not the lack of general awareness of people already aware of the danger, according to the survey, 94% of believes Americans should be issuing laws prohibiting write text messages to drivers, however, insists the violation rate what they think is right, and it will get serious with adolescents who usually talks longer and did not affect significantly the laws tend to use text messaging while driving, according to a study Modern.

This suggests a stronger factors overcome the perception of the seriousness of what they are doing during the drive and finished results of research psychologists to different mobile phone use than any of the other safety issues such as the importance of seat belts and the seriousness of driving under the influence of alcohol; the problem is linked to the place occupied by the modern Smartphone, which became an integral part of our consciousness in a way that changed our attitude.

In light of this, the phenomenon of writing texting while driving just one view of the plight of the wider community, a programming phones to our attitudes, and introduced to new habits include the desire to lose the phone is supposed to do it, such as the urgent need for the email or do a quick view on Facebook account during dinner with family, or stand in a queue, so likewise during driving, a time in which this desire may be dangerous to the life of the author and others.

Therefore requires treatment for a problem determination to write text messages while driving at how this desire, together with recognition of the lack of awareness of the gravity of the Act and the punishment of the perpetrators for their resolution, and move the article about Scott Campbell, Professor of communications at the University of Michigan “and interested in studying the compulsive use of a mobile phone, as saying:” you have to start by asking why this happens, once you know the cause you can then start attacking the actual mechanisms that lead to this behavior, without it, you just try. ”

The solution is not simply to know people for serious typing text messages while driving, because they already realize it, in their decision to ignore their phones while driving, according to the researchers, the use of a mobile phone for a lot of people generally and their movement without thinking in reason rather than a conscious decision.

The study looked at people use cell phones, including 136 participants given their smart phones equipped with program monitor use over six weeks, the results showed that participants might lose their phones very briefly several times a day to 60, as he approached the style with the phones of several definitions of normal behavior, according Enti aulasvirta lead author of the study, participants in the study said they turned to specific applications in specific circumstances, which reiterates them; for example Associated with the use of e-mail and news sense of boredom.

And more likely by people who use a mobile phone as usual mechanism to write text messages while driving, according to research published earlier this year by Scott Campbell and Joseph Beyer, question 441 of college students like psychology questionnaires assessing are practices, with a view to determining to what extent the use of a mobile phone, and people who have registered a high rate in response to their writing text messages while driving.

Here, the search for a solution to the problem of using the mobile phone as the usually easy because the ability of the brain to form a habit is one of the strengths it usually resembles a shortcut way of doing things, and could be likened to the shortcut icons on your desktop computer, and are often useful because our having grown accustomed to interaction with some of what surrounds us helps to save our energy for more difficult decisions, for example, we need to think about every day to extinguish the lights and closing the door before going out from home.

In addition, the different impact strength normally use mobile phones on our attitudes, habits and now believes psychologists habits related to incentives or motivations as a sequence entry to one of the train stations and use the ticket and go to work to read e-mail and believed Campbell, Bayer and other researchers with different habits in the use of the phones; they are also described as “do it all”, therefore we use in very different positions, in order to accomplish a variety of tasks, and develop different sets of stimuli that cause us to remove them From our pockets and lose.

These incentives vary from person to person, and some are essential as a ringing phone that alerts a call or message, and some is due to external factors, as the stems of some stimuli from within the individual, such as loneliness, curiosity, and some find it difficult to stop using cell phones while driving because of the difficulty of preventing themselves from responding to stimuli while sitting behind the wheel of a car.

Transfer essay “the Boston Globe” the psychiatrist at the University of Western Kentucky “, Stephen O’Connor, as saying:” I don’t think the possibility of shutting down all these links simply login to drive realistic idea “, and O’Connor had recently participated in the search link between compulsive use of a mobile phone and the high rates of accidents.

What is more difficult is the need to stop the habit during the drive, then the brain’s prefrontal cortex, the part responsible for inhibition of the ramblings, thoughts, preoccupied with the task of driving, said Paul achli, a psychiatrist at the University of Kansas “:” brain part that is supposed to say (don’t do this hurt you) the time is busy. ”

So the problem of feet on writing text messages using the phone while driving does not require awareness and, as far as needs to change these persons from their behavior in a way their emancipation of compulsive behavior by getting rid of temptation, like its trying to stop smoking, a lighter in a remote location, or avoids spending time with people smoking.

Some spoke recently about the need to make the phone automatically shuts off if spotted a user in a moving vehicle, but are unlikely to receive much support this solution before the phone can distinguish between the driver and passenger, looking achli, who studies texting and driving, a social phenomenon, and said: “If the social problem, the solution must be a solution socially,” inspired by the campaigns organized to urge friends to prevent friends from driving under the influence of alcohol.

This could include the social approach in solution to refrain from calling other people expect them to drive, although it is difficult to see this often, urged passengers to alert drivers who write while driving the car, and put limits on the use of cell phones in other contexts such as training to distinguish between situations in which it is acceptable to use the phone and another phone should not be used, as it is proposed that the fights usually baah, as the development of a new incentive to close the phone, and even hide it before Sit in the driving seat.

In the end, we see that we need to start finding a solution makes us stop staring at the phone to know that our new technology to old instincts, and is not limited only to that in hasabenna, don’t just fight it, said Scott Campbell, it’s a new problem as it and somehow the same old problem that we as human beings; “it is the fundamental need to connect and to overcome boundaries between self and other, what I call the human condition.”
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