Why don’t you look inside? You cannot correct other person




In surrender the head bends and meets the heart. The head that does not bend has no value, and the head that is stiff will have to bend sometime, either in surrender or in shame. The head that bends in surrender will never have to bend in shame. Shame accompanies arrogance. Shyness accompanies Love. See how children are endowed with shyness, that is natural. Shyness is inherent. Shame is inflicted by society and is acquired. Shame brings guilt and shyness adds to one? beauty. Retain your shyness and drop your shame.
Q: I want to be ‘Sthita Pragna’ not get drifted by cravings and aversions. What should I do?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

The moment you recognize that there is craving and aversion, I am getting disturbed by it and I don’t want to be disturbed by it, you are already on track. See, when a person wakes up from sleep, only then he realizes, “Oh, I was sleeping!” In the same way, when you remember something, then you realize that you had forgotten. If you don’t remember, then you can’t say that you forgot. And when you remember, your memory is already back.
In the same way, this very intention that I don’t want to be caught up in craving and aversion, you have woken up. Have patience, and don’t be too hard on yourself

Why don’t you look inside? You cannot correct the other person but you can definitely correct yourself.


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