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Generation «Y» – this generation of yuppies. A yuppie – a “wealthy young people who lead built on passion professional career and material success an active social life. Yuppies have a high-paying job in the clothing business style prefer, follow the fashion, fitness center. The main criterion for membership to the “yuppies” – success in business. “To this generation are people born between the year 1970 and the mid-90s. That is it – most of our readers.

On an American blog published an interesting article on the topic of happiness (or unhappiness) of this generation of the «Y». And we wondered how things from our “home” generation «Y».

Of course, not everyone who is born at the time – yuppies. That is partly motivated people for whom work is a substitute for it. They just liked the process. Can we consider the generation of «Y» more unhappy (or happy) compared to the generation of “jajaja” ? Good question. But in order to find an answer, you need to dig a little deeper and ask a lot of questions are not very nice to myself.

So why, in achieving its main goal – success in career, we can be miserable?
Among the standard yuppie has a separate subspecies – people who think they are special, the main characters of a very particular history, the so-called GYPSYs.

But they do not always look happy. Why? For this we must first understand the components of happiness. For example, it may be a simple formula: “Happiness = Reality – Expectations”.

“Happiness = Reality – Expectations”

Do you agree?

Quite simply, if the result exceeds the expectations of all content and happy, but if the opposite – around continuous dissatisfaction with life.

Here, for example, a girl Lucy. She – a bright representative of a particular subspecies of yuppies. And she’s not happy. What’s wrong with her expectations? Here, perhaps, is to dig a little deeper and look at the parents of Lucy.

They were born in the 50s (in the U.S. during the baby boom) and raised by grandparents who lived through the Great Depression and the war, and is clearly different from the generation GYPSYs.

As people who have experienced hard times, they were obsessed with stability. They wanted to Lucy’s parents found themselves adequately paid and, most importantly, stable and safe operation. And it is in this vein that brought her parents. They were taught that nothing can prevent them from reaching these green lawns with a good job as a tasty and juicy grass. But you need to work long and hard.

After Lucy’s parents graduated from university and started to work in the world there was an economic boom, and ultimately their careers have developed much better than they could have imagined. After that, their idea of ​​what you can do, have become more optimistic, especially compared to their parents. And they were not alone. Thousands of these same happy parents across the country have started to raise their children as the main characters of the particular history in which they – the only and unique, and will be able to get everything they want.

And it provided a generation of lifelong GYPSYs pink glasses. They were worthy of more than just green lawns with lush grass. They had to get a lawn dotted with flowers!

And that brings us to the first fact about GYPSYs: they need a career is much more than a safe and thriving green lawn.

The fact that a green lawn is fairly predictable and not so unique. And if the generation of the 50’s wanted to live the American dream, the generation GYPSYs wanted to live his own dream.

Now secure career is no longer in vogue. It is fashionable to “follow my dream”

Like their parents, they also want to get their careers economic prosperity, but other than that, they want to fill it in such a way that their parents did not even think.

So we need to get back to my childhood Lucy for the second “pattern” (an example of conduct), which she received from her parents:

You – special!

Oh, how much snot and tears were shed while watching movies about such “special” that have achieved everything I wanted out of life, and even more.

And that brings us to the second fact about GYPSYs: they may be a little out of it.

Lucy taught that anyone can achieve anything in his career and get to the green lush lawns, but you … you … YOU – SPECIAL! You will graze on the lawn of unicorns and flowers bloom forever!

As a result, an entire generation thinks that every one of them – a special that he deserves more than the others. And certainly it should all get better!

But the same can not be anything special? This is contrary to the very definition of the word!

· a co-ben-tion

not like anything unusual

But even in such a situation, these guys are thinking, “So what? It is they think they are special, and I’m actually very-very special! Not as special as all the others are special! ”

And this implies the following problem: if Lucy’s parents believed that a good climb up the career ladder – it is years of labor, Lucy thinks that all of this is taken for granted (I’m special, very special!), And that her work and the ability to appreciate at once as soon as she crossed the threshold of the office. And she will get all the relevant buns here and now or in the near future.

But the reality is that in order to achieve a lush lawn with flowers and unicorns, you need to work very hard for a long time. And these lawns – it honestly deserved the blood and sweat of space. And sometimes it has to plow for those who want to reach the lawns with at least more or less decent grass.

The world is cruel, unicorns do not save enough for all but the stubborn GYPSYs not want to recognize this fact.

Paul Harvey, a professor at the University of New Hampshire, studying gene «Y» and generation GYPSYs long time. He believes that the main source of frustration these people are over-inflated expectations. They are not able to critically look at themselves and their ability to believe in the feature and unicorns, so they are always waiting for a miracle or a fairy godmother, which is sure to see in them a true talent and will hold the handle of the magical land. GYPSYs always believe that they deserve more, whatever they may have received the award.

For employers who are dealing with similar candidates, Professor Harvey advises to ask two questions: “Did you feel that transcend their colleagues / odnoklassinkov / classmates / friends? And if so, why? “Usually the first question they could easily answer” Yes “, but to get them to a sensible, well-reasoned answer to the second question is quite difficult. This is because all their confidence is based on the often unwarranted praise and confidence in the features and superiority over others.

And, as in the real world access to magic lawns provide only for his services, a few years after graduation, Lucy and others like her find themselves in the same place where they were – on the lawn with sparse grass and lush pastures are unattainable level where- then the clouds for years of hard work, trial and error.

Lucy is in reality minus level compared to its expectations, so life does not seem so beautiful. It is difficult to be happy in this situation.

And that leads to another problem, which concerns the whole generation: GYPSYs extremely stinging.

Of course, some people have graduated and found a job better than Lucy’s parents, but they know about them only from other people’s stories, and even then only scraps of information. Few of them know what is really going on in the careers of others.

Then connect a modern Vanity Fair: Social Networks!

Everybody writes exclusively about what they are able, and few write errors or failures. Lucy comes to the tape of his friends and see photos of gorgeous solid meals, cars, sea and sun, happy and smiling tusovochek children and spouses. She is reading a solid “we had an unprecedented action,” “we got the most important customer”, “I bought a new car / house / dog / wife.” And as a result of all these people often composed entirely erroneous picture. It seems that all the terms have been successful, but not Lucy. She and continues to sit on its meager lawn and interrupted the fact that it is growing. Although in the real world, not in social networks, these “happy and successful people” may well be neighbors Lucy the lawns.

So, Lucy feels unappreciated and unhappy. And it seems that the reality does not always coincide with its expectations. What was she to do?

Continue to be awfully ambitious! But while these ambitions need something to back up. Now there are always new niches and directions. People create their own. So why not try to do something there? You just need to steep and hard to dig, dig, dig in this direction.
Stop thinking about what she’s special. Especial can be, but only if you work hard for a long time and become really proficient in their field.
Ignore everyone else and stop constantly mowed the lawns of other people. At the neighbor grass is always greener and more white fence, but that does not mean that it has no problems and everything is going smoothly. Moreover, sometimes the lawns Lucy might be better than your neighbor, but she is constantly looking for flaws in them, and it just seems that someone better. Nobody will ever tell you everything, in fact it all happens, how it works and if he has doubts or fears. And if they tell you, it is still not to the end.

And now I would like to go back a little in our reality. Compare one to one with the reality in the U.S. is difficult, but we present these items. Our parents grew up and were educated in the spirit of “party and oneness.” They knew that if you’re guaranteed to learn, then the state will provide you guaranteed work, and then the apartment, if you will work well. But not right away. Everything was stable and predictable – the planned economy and all that. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union everything was upside down, and those who were born in the 80s of the 20th century, have seen themselves in a completely different way: no stability, tear, catch, go over the head, while you can. How times have started to appear the first corporations and cushy place in them. Because of the shortage of personnel with the necessary education in the majority of those who were “in the foundations,” had a meteoric career took off and eventually in some places there were people who would never have got there with a normal level of competition. They began to look more and want to improve the here and now.

Those who are born in the 90’s, had seen on the genius Zuckerberg, Durov, and the like, and also think of themselves such as Durov and Zuckerberg. For some reason, none of them is looking at Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Arkady Volozh or late Ilya Segalovich – too long to build. Everyone comes to fashion start-tusovochki, write letters with offers “unique application that has no analogues in the App Store, either in Google Play», investors are looking at puppy-dog eyes, roll out completely inadequate budgets and very offended and stomp his foot in a blozhike sotssetochke if they hurt somewhere or underestimated.

Of course, this does not happen in all areas, but only in accordance with certain global fashion trends and demand, but people still have. Even more appropriate sometimes glancing sideways at the adjacent “social field”, see it casts unicorns, sighing to himself, and then a long and cruel torture themselves for what they have is not so, and “What have I done? ‘.

Do you think if we have the representatives of this generation of the «Y», subspecies “special» GYPSYs? At present yourself at least part of the gene? Were the rose-colored glasses in childhood, stories about the features and genius? Why are so many now simply can not reach the state of peace, happiness and contentment?


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