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You must create a new social network Facebook compete or risk everything we have achieved, this was a permanent statement of refined Vic Gundotra in his meetings with top leaders in the company Google, in his attempt to convince them to work to compete with Facebook by creating a special new social network Google workers.
Vic Gundotra
Vic Gundotra

It has managed the social network engineer Vic Gundotra , which he described his colleagues as a seasoned politician and the owner of charisma, eventually persuading Larry Page One Google’s founders, who returned to serve as CEO of the company since the beginning of 2011, after having spent ten years behind the scenes.
Larry Page
Larry Page

Continued Vic Gundotra to tell Larry that Facebook will to kill Google Inc., over and over again, and so was born the fear Larry on the future of the company, and led eventually to the birth of the social network + Google.

That was in 2010, the company Google does not look as a company in a scary situation that exceeded any second company or any person who was, they were dominant for a long time on the field of Internet search engines, as well as to enter the field of smart phones through a system Android , and it had developed a detailed maps of many countries of the world, and the indexing millions of books , and just started building self-driving cars .

In spite of all these successes the Internet giant did not have a clear vision of social networks, and clearly demonstrates it by doing research simple within the Google search engine to show a long list of failures and the beginnings wrong, including the social network Orkut, which was launched a few days of the launch of Facebook before it 2004, which have been overcome quickly, and service summaries sites Reader Reader which was launched in 2005 and was terminated year two thousand and thirteen, Wave , a networking platform was launched in 2009 and stopped the year 2 010, Buzz social network ominous, which quickly ended in early 2010 because of the issue of violation Privacy.

While the Google Inc. fail and stumble, Facebook was growing and grow and is the most influential, and by the year 2010, the market value of Facebook is estimated at about $ 14 billion, and is close to getting half a billion users, which accounts real names and Birthdays and pictures, and Google was too far by market value, where close to $ 200 billion number, but it was absent from these numbers that Google suffered from bleeding in respect of staff, and charge it was Facebook, where many employees in Google Moving to Facebook.

Says Paul Adams , a former member of the user experience team within Google+, which gave a big help in the invention of the idea of circles Circles in Google+, and then go to work in a team Facebook, that the failure of Google Buzz has had a fallout affecting us, and we went wonder how he got this error ? And what do we do now? The Facebook still poses an existential threat to us.
Paul Adams
Paul Adams

The rise and fall Google+

Google was working on a social network compete with Facebook effort clearly building, the whole company in general level, however this week it has been four years and a month on Google Plus social network launch, which was the primary mission reform Share online, Google has announced that it will the abolition of a number of conditions were the focus of grumbling and criticism from users when their consent for the use Google+ account within Other Google services such as YouTube, and this Step She Explained Signal Yet that Google did not give up on the social network, it works best to Mafi and inevitably to attract users In The world to use Network Social.

Google has started earlier this year to work on adding more popular features of its services, such as from Photos and Hangohts Hangouts, and work underway on the rest of the add-ons and services to be attractive to users and their aspirations also said Bradley Horowitz Prime Google+, and it seems that Google Plus network and that girl by Google has big ambitions disappointed hope, and it seems that Google has absorbed this late, Google is struggling to keep its users and work to revive and push to attract new users.
Bradley Horowitz
Bradley Horowitz

And it became Google+ focus of ridicule favorite guide failure among technology makers, and many of the interviews with dozens of people insiders, analysts and affiliates conduct on Google and many of them agreed to talk on condition of anonymity and said that the year 2010 to 2011 was the year of the fear of Facebook and that shape them horror of the idea of ​​hitting the user, employees and advertisers, so I tried Google do everything you can to keep itself in the face of Facebook and committed a lot of blunders.

Google launched the social network without a clear plan of action anything distinguishes it from the Facebook service, the only betting on the leader with a charismatic with the vision of false or non-existent, and ignored worrying signs about not its potential to get users to social network and continued to ignore the added features requested by users, and it was Many refer to Google+ heading to die Alaklniki.

Dimmest star Google+ gradual revealed floundering Google and lack of innovation when I felt that it faces an existential threat, Facebook now greater than ever, with the number of users up to one billion and four hundred million, and the value of the market more than half of Google’s value, and it continues to get moved away employees of Google, Facebook and Twitter go slowly but surely to be the furthest from the dominance of Google in terms of advertising revenue.

Said Punit Soni , a former production manager at Google and worked in Google Plus Google+ team that worked on making a unified identity for the user in the event of use of any service from Google services, so Google can find out where you are.
Punit Soni
Punit Soni

The Kent Walker Google’s general counsel more explicit in his words about Google Plus during a meeting with business leaders and members of the anti-monopoly organization in Germany during the month of March of this and pointed out that the social network Google Plus is part of a long list of unsuccessful products in Google’s march.
Kent Walker
Kent Walker

March 100 days

It was the effort to launch Google+ enormous project was code-named ” Emerald Sea “, and has a timetable the subject of a pre-determined for the launch of a hundred days, and is dedicated to building a secret project and the presence of the CEO which is semi-permanent.

A Google Plus staff has been described previously it’s all going crazy absolute, and that for speed and large density of the work to be performed during a specific period of time and during the first months crucial, the former employee said it was the best way for success in the eyes of Vic Gundotra is speed, and added that it was his opinion that should do more work and thinking on strategy instead of rushing.

For those working elsewhere in the company, Google’s direction Social network approach represents a departure from the approach has become, as most of Google’s projects started small and took to grow in size and importance, and the Working Group on Buzz, a previous project for Google Plus consists of employees do not exceed a set ten, while by way of comparison, the Google Plus team was made up of about 1,000 employees, and this was a problem for Google as the rest of the sections of the company suffered from a shortage of staff and engineers.

Google and the rules of procedure change your voice or video communication between staff and forced them to use existing Hangaot service within Google Plus to connect them.

The final product was released on June 28 in 2011, with the presence of many features such as circles Circles to group contacts and be engaged in within the circles depending on the relationship of their user, and Hangohts Hangouts to hangout, and from Photos, which included many special editing images tools, so that some Google Plus staff seemed to them something similar to Facebook, and perhaps with a pinch of similarity with Twitter.

One former employees have said in Google that when Google Plus launch we found quite similar to Facebook, and it’s just similar Jobseeker present, where the difference and what is the great work done by Google and that after all this work we did not find anything new or attractive even for us as employees in Google .
This does not really work

Google Plus data showed early try the new social network struggle to attract users, and by the fact that her network is Google Inc. has been able to attract millions of users to preview the service Aljaddedh but it was obvious that look Its users were not as I expected Google users was to avoid publishing did not They came back and did not admire the new product and after six months of the launch team noted that there is a general feeling among everyone that this project does not work as expected him.

Some put the blame on the structure of the team responsible for Google Plus from the top of the pyramid to the bottom and on the leadership team and who looks for success as the only option for the social network, and that without a broad discussion of the failure and the data disappointing, and without taking responsibility for the apparent failure and continue on the same approach.

Over the next two years of its launch Google has worked to improve the voice and video chat service Hangaot, and Joazrmah new photo editing features, and features a new look, but all this was not enough to improve the reputation of Google Plus users.

A group of officials and analysts say that at a later time there was a lot of advantages and methods that can be Google Plus help to stand up and follow-up, including a big focus on mobile messaging, and it was Facebook and then not too close to them, and work to launch applications keep pace with group Services and features Google Plus instead of the uniform application of spam and confusing for users, but all of that is not, and did not come to grips with that competition the same features of something existing and desirable is a failed and not feasible, and that users do not need to leave Facebook and direction for a new platform similar to it too.
Dismantling and rebuilding Google+

In early 2014, after less than three years on the launch, the team was moved + Google allocated to them from the building, and in the month of April / May announced Vic Gundotra his departure from the company and Google Plus to start a new journey in his life.

Throughout the work of Vic Gundotra at Google Plus network management has to attract many employees and angered many departments in Google Ptaadih on any section and try to join any employee wants to his team at Google Plus and the proximity of Larry Page protect him and help him, and after more than a year to leave Google, did not announce Vic Gundotra after for the next stop on his journey, he says, two of his former colleagues that he still travels and the relaxed, they wrote, adding that he was still too young to retire, they wrote, adding that they will continue to work with him anything determined.

He said David Besbris Lists participating in the Google Plus launch alongside Vic Gundotra , and who received the post of Google Plus head that Google is committed to Social its network for a long time, and six months after the announcement that statement was replaced from the position of Google Plus Prime Aseltm stead Bradley Horowitz .
David Besbris
David Besbris

The Bradley Horowitz writing on Monday, announcing the end of the need to calculate the Google Plus to use the rest of Google products stage, and added that Google Plus will now focus on doing what needs to be done better, with the help of millions of users all over the world to communicate and access what they need him and that the aspects and features that do not serve this agenda will be forwarded to retire.

This means stop trying Facebook clone and make it semi-Pinterest in terms of adding groups to its platform, and this would allow users of Google Plus to collect similar their publications into a single section for positions similar, and at the same time, the Google to invest the necessary resources to build a more independent social products such as application images .


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