Why is it useful to be alone?




Why is it useful to be alone?

Few loves solitude. It oppresses and drives into a depression. We always try to be in any whatsoever society. It does not matter which one. The main thing is not to silence us completely surrounded. After all, society plays a huge role in our lives. It educates us, guides us, affects us all our lives. And detachment from the usual circle can be quite difficult for us. But sometimes it becomes too much of society. Then the person wants privacy, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Loneliness. All perceive it as a sort of failure or deprivation. If a man is alone, so he always loses. Winner can not be alone. Around him are always friends, relatives and acquaintances. And once a man is alone, then something is wrong with him. But this is not true. Many people are seeking to be alone. For example, you are a big boss. You have all day calls and meetings, even in a traffic jam with someone you are talking to. I am sure that when he comes home, the first thing you want to – it is silence and solitude.

Because each person has his own personal space. This area is some space around them, in which no one is allowed. And you know that the violation of our personal space surrounding any good for us does not carry. It annoys us and angers, and maybe even causes aggression. That is, nature itself established in us a little traction to stay alone with him. At least in the area of ​​personal space.
Solitude helps think more clearly

All of us live in cities and well imagine how this great system. We always somewhere to run: home from work, from acquaintances to friends, from one meeting to another. All these become a cause of the rat race that we simply do not have time to think. Our head is constantly preoccupied with thoughts about work, home, calls, etc. Stay. Find at least one day a week when you will be left to themselves, just think about what you like and do only what you want. Believe me, the day devoted only to yourself, you will be surprised at his own thoughts. It’s no wonder many masterpieces were created by masters of their craft is in seclusion. Maybe you suddenly find the answer to an unusual long-standing problem. And before you could not solve it, because the head was filled with another constant. Did you realize that not doing so. Is it so bad, having stayed alone, once and forever change your life?
Easier to see your mistakes

Very often in life we ​​make mistakes, but teamwork erodes personal responsibility of each. Your project does not move for a long time? Someone in the team constantly makes mistakes, but you can not understand who? Try to ignore the team and work alone. Perhaps you are the kind of person who slows down the whole job and you urgently need to pull knowledge in some area. Well, or you simply become calmer, that you are doing everything right.
Nobody does not affect your decisions

Let’s be honest. All my life someone affects our decisions. First is the parent, then friends, then own family and so on. We always hear advice and criticisms. Yes, we have a strong personality, and we always take decisions themselves. But, even if unconsciously, society influences our choices. Though not dramatically, but the vector shift our thinking, it can easily. Cut off from society for a while. Think for yourself, with your head, not hearing anyone around. Let only silence or favorite music to help you choose. Believe me, so you choose what you want is you.
Loneliness as a synonym for freedom

When you are absolutely alone – you are free. For example, you go on a journey alone. At first, this idea will seem boring and unattractive, because even talk to no one. And in place of all change dramatically. You get up when you want, eat what you want, go wherever you want. You do not need anyone to look. If you ever want, you can do not to go out of the hotel. You are free to decide and do whatever they want. Then your only choice will be yours and no one else’s. You may even begin to feel more confident, because it is you chose this road and only you are responsible for this choice. And you can talk to anyone on the street.

As you can see, there are many interesting loneliness of the parties, and to be one not so scary. Just try to be alone with yourself and listen to yourself, not everyone around you. But do not become a hermit. Solitude is good in moderation. Still, a man – a social being, and this should not be forgotten.

And what advantages do you see in yourself?


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