Why is the release of new iPhone slows down older 47




Why is the release of new iPhone slows down older 47



When we pull out of the box brand new iPhone, and begin to use it, it seems that its capacity is enough for about five years ahead. Pictures are seen beautiful, the game does not slow down, applications open quickly, and use the phone – it is a pleasure. However, this feeling goes much earlier than expected. Two years later, the phone has not seen such a powerful and capable, and it is customary to blame Apple. Valid charge or not, tried to find out in the New York Times.

In the past year they have published complaints about the iPhone 4, which has ceased to please their owners after the update to iOS 7. Presumably, the blame for this is not a four-smartphone, and gave birth to his company, which is artificially slowed his work the next update, drawing attention to a new products. Maybe it is true, but nothing more than subjective observations then were provided. A new publication implemented a more scientific approach forces professor of economics at Harvard University Senda Mullainatana.

Professor Mullainatan drew attention to the relationship between the time of appearance of the feeling of a slow device and release date for the next model. The most interesting to see, of course, were smartphones iPhone and Galaxy. The data were obtained by a very original way. With the help of Google Trends student at Harvard University looked when SEARCHES “slows iPhone» or «inhibits Galaxy» became especially popular. Statistics is that the surge of activity of users Google, dissatisfied with the speed of your iPhone, around the time of the release of new models.

График популярности поисковых запросов

But Samsung accused of trickery does not. Popular Searches «Samsung Galaxy slow” shows steady growth, not dependent neither on the release of new models, nor of the seasons, from anything else.

График популярности поисковых запросов

With such data have something to ponder. Apple is very tight control over their devices and the operating system on which they are working. The company has an excellent opportunity to artificially affect the level of customer satisfaction by simply updating, which sets about 90 percent of all customers. Schedule of search queries that’s what shows.

On the other hand, the release of the new iPhone is traditionally accompanied by the release of a new version of iOS, which supports far the youngest of the device. Long-term support for Apple devices raises over the competition. Customers are offered new opportunities, at least in part, for the very old devices. Developers also offers a large number of potential users of their applications for the new OS version. And it should be understood by developing iOS, the company looks to the future, focusing on the large computing power. There is nothing surprising in the fact that three years later, the phone started to slowly work on the latest version, but not taking into account the speed of technological development.

Unambiguous conclusion Professor Mullainatan do not. People often complain about the speed of the iPhone during the release of new models, such statistics are, but this dependence can be explained from different points of view. Anyway, motives and opportunities for promoting the sale of new iPhone with a sly way Apple has available.

Samsung have the same things a little bit easier. Even if the South Korean company wanted to make their eight-smartphones slow at one point, they most likely would not have happened. Samsung has no control over the operating system, only iron, update schedule is different for each model and the region, and the latest version of Android, known to use only 18 percent of all users. Google, in turn, is not interested in the low speed operation of the operating system nor on the old or the new devices. Among all trying to escape from a fragmented ecosystem, please claim from the Android KitKat modest. It turns out that Google does not have a motive, and the Samsung is simply no way to control the devices already sold, which is well reflected in the graph the popularity of search queries.


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