Why naked mole rats do not get cancer?




Why naked mole rats do not get cancer?


Now scientists have discovered how one of the strangest mammals in the world – naked diggers could develop immunity to cancer in general. The research results can play a very important role and help in the fight against the disease to people.

It should be noted that naked mole rats live deep underground in a harsh environment. They are among the most long-lived rodents – about 30 years old, which is 27 years longer than their closest relatives – brownies mice that are particularly susceptible to cancer. Naked mole rats are breathing very slowly (due to the limited amount of oxygen underground), eat little and are largely indifferent to some forms of pain (thermal burns and chemical burns acids).

As already reported above, the mice are ideal for research due to their short life cycle and the high susceptibility to cancer. They help scientists study the causes that give rise to cancer, the mechanism of the spread of disease and to find drugs to combat them. In the laboratory, scientists do not wait until one or the other experimental mouse get cancer, they are trying to provoke disease using gamma radiation, tumor transplantation or injection of carcinogenic substances. The naked mole rat is indifferent to these influences.

Currently, Vera and Andrey Gorbunov Siluyanov, scientists from the University of Rochester, made a pretty bold statement. They managed to figure out how bare the diggers can protect yourself from cancer. The results of the study were published in the journal Nature.

In a study of cells diggers taken from the armpits and light, they found around them unusual thick ball of hyaluronic acid. This substance is present in almost all the body of animals and is responsible for combining the cells. However, it not only provides the mechanical strength of the cells, but also control their growth. Tumor – is unregulated cell growth, so the earlier it was believed that hyaluronic acid helps the disease to progress.

According Gorbunovoj cell growth depends on the number and thickness of the hyaluronic acid. As the polymer, a large amount of hyaluronic acid molecules in a single chain cell determines its thickness. When the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid is very high, cell growth stops. In another case, the cells begin to grow. Studies have shown that the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid in the case of bare diggers five times higher than the house mouse or human.

To understand whether the unusual amount of hyaluronic acid in the naked mole rats an antidote to cancer, Vera Gorbunova increased the amount of enzyme that reduces the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid. Soon after the cells have started to grow and join the clusters thick similarly as growing cancer cells in mice.

This assumption was also confirmed in other ways – by reducing the amount of hyaluronic acid by eliminating the genes that are responsible for its formation. After the injection of viruses which cause the cancer cells, the naked mole rat instead of resisting become malignant.

According Gorbunovoj, the presence of a thick ball of hyaluronic acid increases the elasticity of the skin of naked mole rats, which allows them to live in a small underground tunnels. This feature may help to develop a new method for the prevention of cancer.
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