Why smart watch Apple Watch won the war at the Google Glass




Google on the first day of testing Glass strives to make smart glasses fashion accessory. Since the presentation of the product has been two and a half years, and it is she did not succeed, while Apple’s “smart” watches Watch has been able to overcome the resistance of the market almost in absentia – at the expense of image, writes Arnext . Look for adequate information field and you will not see it on the articles like the one Apple Watch – a tool of corporate espionage, ugly imperfection or useless gadget without ecosystems.


Google product in 2012 turned out to be quite unique, even futuristic – that is, to a certain extent unknown, as one of the characteristics of human fear is all confusing. Deep sigh enthusiastic quickly gave way to gloomy planet attempts to understand who and why you need a smart glasses with a camera, and opinions are divided.

One camp argued that this is the future, and he does not need to fight, besides Glass serve as a new tool for the public and, moreover, personal control of law and order, as DVRs in Russia (in other countries such mass use of these devices is not observed).

The second camp took a diametrically opposite position that Glass strengthen the position of corporations in the control data through the data acquisition advertising offices make a person much more dependent on marketing games will be another useless device in the service of a man who, when everything else, greatly complicates private chat .

Now look at how much even a purely philosophical debate has given rise to Glass. So what is surprising in the fact that they could not become a mass product?


It has been two and a half years, and Apple has shown smart watches Watch omitting «i», in the form factor, as close as possible to the form of regular hours and even with interchangeable straps.

Their shape – rectangular, she repeats the archaic form displays. If LG did not try too hard to hide from the user the fact that its more like Casio watches with a calculator from the 80s, Apple has made this all design efforts. Rounded body, the abundance of rounded elements, such as wheels, buttons, and even ring for charging with a set of sensors on the rear side – everything distracts us from the classical form of the display. In some ways Google at first glance even able to beat Apple, because its own clock Motorola steel round (and recognizes the vast majority of Internet users, the most beautiful on the Android Wear), but the only element of their design has absorbed all the efforts – to make the display completely Round failed. A small black bar at the bottom betrays the inability to do so, and round the clock LG G Watch R fears confirmed: they have to determine the shape of the visible part of the display, generally concealed his design elements.


Apple Watch potentially could be the first massively popular gadget in the world of underwear.

The ideal candidate for the perfect moment to choose the form factor. Mankind has long been accustomed to the clock, and their manufacturers constantly attempting to make them smarter. In the beginning there were a digital clock with alarm clock, calculator, this was followed by a significant expansion of their functionality, rests on the stuck on the site interface. A few years ago they became companions of smartphones, but smartphones were comfortable and performed primarily functions of the phone, not a computer. Then he introduced the first convenient for the average consumer tablet PC, and the world knew that the touch screen is perfect for the Internet.


Two years later, the battle began diagonals, the market came to the ideal of 5 to 9 inches – on devices with such displays comfortably watch sites and run information applications, read and play (besides, they are best suited for virtual reality, but more on that in another time). A few companies, such as HTC and Alcatel, trying to promote as a companion Bluetooth-tube for a smartphone, but nothing came of this solution in terms of ease of use in most scenarios, it makes no sense.

Users Apple ecosystem are accustomed to working with the products of the company «as is» – got up and running. This is largely an illusion generated by the image of the company ranked, however, these are the sensations, and we do not forget that the modern company sells no products, and sensations and emotions. To do this, of course, necessary in the first place a good product and it is. Apple Watch shots and will sell millions least because of the interest in the army of users iPhone. Google Glass because of the complete lack of ecosystems and selected the wrong time to date failed completely.


Spoon is good for dinner. Google was bolder own customers, while Apple has shown its characteristic conservatism and its users. While Google Glass beckon flёrom progress (now progressiveness – fully sensual, rather than mechanistic category), Apple Watch will become the most popular smart clock, working in a developed ecosystem with an increasing number of users iPhone.

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