Why you should eliminate sugar from your diet




Why you should eliminate sugar from your diet

Salt – white death, and sugar – sweet. So says endocrinologist, MD, author of several books on the problem of obesity, and popular lectures ( “Sugar: Bitter Truth” , “Fat chance: fructose 2.0” ) Robert Lustig (Robert Lustig).

In his opinion, the manufacturers add sugar to all products, even “healthy” that can lead to disaster. Why? Dr. Lustig’s response under the cut.
Sugar leads to obesity

13% of calories consumed by the average American every day – it’s sugar. 22 teaspoons a day (if you add up all the sucrose consumed during the day through food). At a rate of 6 women and 9 men.

But blame their extra pounds food industry is stupid. According to Lustig, a person chooses than season salad – sweet sauce or olive oil.
Sugar makes a fool our brains

Sucrose consists of two monosaccharides – glucose and fructose. Last increases the body’s resistance hunger hormone (leptin). Usually a person loses control of his appetite with excessive use of high-calorie foods. But studies have shown – fructose also deceiving our brains.

Leptin regulates energy metabolism and the body tells the brain: “I ate.” Fructose prevents leptin in the brain and creates a feeling of nesytosti.
Sugar – catalyst aging

According to Dr. Lustig, sugar contributes to the overall aging process, since fructose is 50% sucrose molecules, releasing oxygen radicals, which, in turn, accelerate the pace of development and cell death, as well as contribute to the development of chronic diseases (diabetes 2 type, cardiovascular and other diseases).

At the same time warns Lustig – sugar, and along with it, and old age, “hiding”, sometimes in unexpected products. For example, ketchup and tomato paste.
Sugar – “Rusty” our body

When the sugar is reacted with the proteins in the organism occurs so-called Maillard reaction. Under normal conditions, the rate of this reaction is so small that it is time to retire products.

However, the higher the level of sugar in the blood, the faster the reaction. Accumulating reaction products cause many disturbances in the body. In particular, the accumulation of some late Maillard reaction products triggers aging changes in the tissues. Literally – they “rust.”

According to Lustig, a habit to indulge yourself with something sweetly supports and accelerates this process.
Sugar leads to the accumulation of fat in the liver

Hepatic steatosis – is a metabolic disorder in which the cells in the hepatic fat accumulation occurs. One of the main causes of steatosis – unbalanced diet. The excessive use of sugar, the liver can not cope with its processing. The pancreas tries to help and begins to produce extra insulin. This so-called non-alcoholic steatosis (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease).

A study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition) established: people consuming 1000 calories per day by sweets, only 2% of cases are overweight, but in 27% of cases they observed fat accumulation in the liver.
Sugar – a “drug”

Dopamine – “hormone of desire.” He – an important part of the “reward system” of the brain. Dopamine causes feelings of pleasure when we have sex or eat delicious food. From the point of view of psychology, dopamine – it is our motivator. If a person has impaired production of this hormone, he did not want to, it does not matter what gets satisfaction.

Sugar helps produce dopamine. At the same time, the body gradually starts taking sweet “needle” and requires large doses, otherwise enjoyment comes.
Sugar – arterial killer

Endothelium – that the cells lining the inner surface of blood and lymphatic vessels, and the heart cavities. Endothelium performs several important functions: control of blood clotting, regulating blood pressure and others. The endothelium is susceptible to chemical damage, which, in turn, can lead sugar.

Rather, it contains glucose. It “sticks” to the walls of blood vessels, oxidizing and destroying the endothelium.

According to Lustig, sugar is contained even in the meat, to shop in the form of half-baked. To maintain health and warn yourself from excessive consumption of sugar, it recommends:

not to buy semi-finished;
carefully read the labels;
there are natural (Organic) products;
buy yogurt with a sugar content not exceeding 10 grams (for example, Greek);
replace lemonade natural juices.

Dr. Lustig other tips you’ll find in his lectures.

How much sugar you consume per day?

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