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Return as a selling point to a lot of the protagonist of “Just Dance 5 3D”, claims to be the ultimate back to the full range, but weak story and dance creative inadequacies, quite a pity.

“Just Dance” series is back! The movies with “All in” as a selling point, the key role in the past few sets to come back, there is everyone’s favorite “Moose” elk with his girlfriend Camille, “Just Dance” Episode actress Ann pedicle, the protagonist Sean Traynor and MOB help, as well as robotics, Kido, San Diego twins …… so impressed the audience role.

However, I personally was not satisfied with this set. I think “Just Dance 5 3D” as the final chapter of a series, if you want to succeed, in fact, should also take into account the tension on the plot, innovative dance on, and the series as a happy atmosphere.

But three elements, only the last one barely qualified.

1 665×466 舞力狂放最終回,《舞力全開5 3D》新片評析

Let us talk about the story we most do not care about it. Although the possibility of hip-hop movie’s plot has always been simple enough, but in front of the “Just Dance 4 3D” innovation pattern was just to “express their demands with dancing” is to the performance of the story, “Just Dance 5 3D” but their colors, became the most simple embarrassed dance contest.

If you just embarrassed Dance Competition no problem, explain the whole story on film rhythm tension appeared to be quite hollow. The entire contest most of the teams only about three minutes over the field scenes, and then tell you which four teams qualify. Progress not only become sloppy, and even burst point of the last reversal also seems inadequate tension, quite regrettable.

21 665×439 舞力狂放最終回,《舞力全開5 3D》新片評析

The film can be understood by the full return of hope to do a selling point, but the movie characters who are difficult to play a team of understanding. Although the film is a partner spindle pressure atmosphere talk between the teams, with the real dancers in reality to face. However, the atmosphere between the team partners in fact just about everyone constantly fooling around in the story progression only, and no more in-depth performance atmosphere.

Moreover, the film’s sense of creativity in dance in backtrack a little dilemma. Episode dance in the rain is still a classic, the third episode is the use of water dance, LED clothes …… and other unique design refreshing. Episode Not to mention, whether the cars in the streets, art galleries, office buildings, or senior restaurant, MOB of each dance designs are memorable.

However, most of this collection of dance performance but only in the members of the training scenes, or everyone in the music kicks in a sudden jump of a dance plot, really design a complete performance but very little. Insufficient quantity, quality is also smaller than the first few episodes, quite a pity.

3 665×443 舞力狂放最終回,《舞力全開5 3D》新片評析

Although the film back in the series various well-known role, but did not allow them to give full play to, like if the “Fast and the Furious,” the sequel to each protagonist comes back, but was only open bumper car crew arrange embarrassment.

Of course, the movie is still moving plot with beautiful dance, like Antti’s hot dance brightens up, elk Camille still in love with the story design also makes an excellent mood.

Unfortunately, though well-intentioned, but lack creativity, or can not help but to expect too much of this “final chapter” a little offense, here given its 6.5 rating.


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