Will the next “iOS against Android” fight in vehicles instead?




Will the next “iOS against Android” fight in vehicles instead?

Relatively little attention was the statement from Apple that iOS in 2014 to be used in vehicles. It is more than just a speakerphone, but the features of your smartphone for easy operation in the vehicle are integrated. The manufacturers list, support for it is announced with Mercedes, Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet, Kia, Hyundai, Volvo and Jaguar already quite good, but missing valuable brands such as BMW, Toyota and Ford

The full infotainment program from Apple. At WWDC just around 90 seconds were spent with the subject that can certainly be regarded as a big deal. The question one must ask is, of course, in how far Apple will still allow open systems. Everything is tailored to iOS or will the onboard computer also susceptible to other systems?

What happens to producers who do not want to commit to Apple? How Google reacts with Android on the system? It is clear that the smartphone integration in the coming years will play a major role in the manufacturers. The show already the experiments with individually integrated services, such as the mini Deezer or Spotify Ford models . Individual stories that sound nice, but are far from a complete integration.

What if Apple is strictly at your own services? Will the people moved more than arriving at the destination, because Apple Maps has failed once again ? Or will it be more likely that you can use his favorite navigation app? That would be a great opportunity for TomTom, Navigon, Garmnin and how they are not all hot. Pure navigation devices die out in private cars, a similar trend as in the compact cameras.

And where is Google? With Android, you have a system that could not be more adaptable. Integration into vehicles would be no problem, one has heard of it but not much. The problem is that a vehicle survived much longer than a smart phone. Since it is not possible to upgrade after six months on a new device, a replacement of the onboard computer is not really in question. This is also true for iOS. While Google is like mixing new services and services in beta among the people, Apple is going on much more cautious. Normally an Apple solution seems much more mature than a Google product. In the field of vehicles a mature solution is what, something else would be unacceptable. Neither the manufacturer nor the customers.

And the vehicle manufacturer? They have to fight for their own system apparently abandoned. Sure it is not only convenient, but also much cheaper to license a “foreign” system than to develop their own in which the customer must incorporate only.

You will hear much more about in the coming years, which is an exciting development that stands before us there. Exciting especially when considering mobile connectivity. Such integrations arising yes only linked meaning. Streaming music, etc. are data intensive services that are hard to imagine in today’s estimation (data Flats with skinny 200 MB high-speed volume). At least not here in Germany. But there will certainly still work.

How do you see the development in vehicles? What you desire by manufacturers or Google? Available as open as possible and with different devices or prefer a closed system a la Apple, which can be operated by anyone for it in the simplest way?

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