Windows 9 will be released in April 2015 – with start menu




Windows 9 will be released in April 2015 – with start menu

Microsoft spokesman and analyst Paul Thurrott has once again can get an insight and deep white to report that the new operating system Microsoft Windows 9 could be announced as early as this April, in April 2015, it will come on the market. Does not sound too far-fetched, well known place in early April Microsoft’s BUILD developer conference instead.

Microsoft Surface

Windows 9 is intended to include major changes in Windows 8 and – drum roll! – The Start menu return. After Thurrotts report also to the App Store across the systems Windows Phone, Xbox and Windows can serve himself. Also to Metro style apps than traditional desktop app – so drum can run with frame around, yet you need here things like ModernMix as an additional app. The general objectives of Microsoft design language working to improve the Metro / Modern UI.

Threshold, the former code name, probably Windows 9 hot so that the Redmond company the associated, not just good, creates a distance to the Windows 8 name and reputation. In short, Windows 9 must have everything that Windows 8 has not – a reason for the user to change – that this is not the case, which shows the distribution of the system.

Joa, let’s see what comes. After the Microsoft Windows 9 Act can only get a top system. Nevertheless, Windows 8 may be my opinion not compare with the flop Windows Vista because it is a much better system. Stable, fast and with lots of useful new features under the hood. All the system is lacking, are users who need the added value – but this is not the case, unless one relies on touch.
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