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The big question for Wolfenstein: The New Order is whether you need to be able to appreciate the game a bit of the old school. Indeed, he elaborates upon Wolfenstein 3D, the classic shooter of 1992 which gave a huge boost to the popularity of 3D games. It is strange that happened to the series. Following classic actually not much Wolfenstein is certainly not a title that has been milked.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein was actually in 2001, the first true successor, and in 2009 published a game that simply Wolfenstein was baptized. Curiously, id Software, the studio that not only Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake but also garnered success, the development of new Wolfenstein games getting outsourced to fellow studios. That happened with varying success. Return to Castle Wolfenstein, created by Gray Matter Interactive, was enjoyable, but the good game that Raven Software delivered in 2009 was a lot less. In between, appeared still Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the free playable multiplayer shooter from Splash Damage in 2003. It was originally intended as the multiplayer portion of RtCW, but not ready on time. Initially, this title would then be sold as a stand-alone game, but after further delay publisher Activision decided to offer. Enemy Territory then but free That was a great success.

Wolfenstein Preview: The New Order
Machine Games

The development of Wolfenstein: The New Order is not owned by id Software, though the Texan studio has also not choose where to be worked on. That decision rests with publisher Bethesda, id Software bought up in 2009. Bethesda awarded the opportunity to Machine Games, an unknown studio from Sweden. Because Machine Games by Bethesda has been bought, the Swedes can, however, use id Tech 5, the latest engine from id Software, which formed the basis for Rage and Doom 4 is used. By id The right to use that engine is now only reserved to the studios of Bethesda.

Bethesda shows the story of Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Different angle

Remarkably, the Swedes got a free hand in both id Software and Bethesda. Maybe that was mainly because Machine Games a good concept has invented for The New Order. In a classic series like Wolfenstein is a bit how you want to get follow up. It is difficult to meet the expectations of the old guard and pull simultaneously. New fans Yet that is what Bethesda hopes to accomplish. Fortunately Machine Games has not opted for the easy way and Wolfenstein 3D given a modern twist. The Swedish studio has provided the much needed freedom by significantly departing from the story off. In basic Wolfenstein always played in the Second World War, in which protagonist BJ Blazkowicz fought against the Nazis.

Wolfenstein Preview: The New Order

That fight against the Nazis is still central, but the Second World War Machine Games left behind. The New Order is set in 1960. The war ended more than ten years, and Germany has won. The Nazis not only Europe overrun, even the United States have fallen into German hands. Everywhere reigns a new order, under the strict guidance of the Nazis. As expected, the Nazis have won on the basis of technological advances and lead them to continue to use to perform. Terrorize Against this background Blazkowicz trying to do what he has always done: to oppose the Nazi scum.
Back in time

It takes a while for it to deserve it. To explain the previous games in the series, the link starts the game in 1946. The Second World War was long and wide should be behind us, but in The New Order is still busy fighting between the Americans and the Nazis. Blazkowicz is also still part of the battle. The game begins as he sits aboard a plane and on his way to the front. That’s obviously not good long and soon unfolds spectacular aerial battle between the old airplanes of the Allies and ultramodern Nazi hunters. That is obviously wrong on, already know what BJ companions just reach. Hostile shore After a short discussion they decided to venture to penetrate the heavily defended fortress of the man they were looking away in an effort, the sadistic general Deathshead, the head of the German war machine. If it fails to turn off Deathshead so the argument goes, then bring the Allies, the Nazis a significant blow. Sounds nice, but it does not quite succeed. It is BJ who gets the blow, a blow that inoperative him more than ten years.

Announcement Trailer Wolfenstein: The New Order.

The battle in and around the castle Deathshead keeps Blazkowicz as sweet. The battle is a long prologue in which BJ it should take against German forces with limited resources. If the prologue makes something clear, it is that BJ should not have his own weapons, but better stuff may borrow from his enemies. The nice thing is that BJ of all weapons can handle., Two at a time This applies not only to handguns, but also for shotguns, machine guns and even knives. A knife can be used for silent takedowns from behind. If you have two uses at once, you can discard a knife.

Wolfenstein Preview: The New Order

In the long intro, the weapons mainly traditional. You fight with classic pistols, rifles and machine guns of World War II. That changes when you wake up in 1960. Then suddenly it appears that the technology has not stood still, and that the Nazis much more modern weaponry available. In the first instance which is still firearms, but in modern varieties. Even a simple gun is transformed into a monster of huge proportions – where you think you can still use two at a time.
About laser

Later in the game – the part that we already could not, but now play on a previous occasion – that the Nazis developed their weaponry further. Especially popular laser show and you’ll find variations of the gun, the gun and machine gun based on laser technology. During the game Even those laser variants can you handle two at a time. More important than the technique used is that the weapons especially tasty ‘is exactly as it should be in a shooter like Wolfenstein. They sound very good and provide great action. This is particularly true when the laser guns. That sound like muffled thumps and not common as futuristic bleeps, as in the science-fiction world.

Trailer with mostly live action images of Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Sound and action

There is obviously more than the sound and action. Machine Games has added a very elegant part of the arsenal of BJ, he can lean around corners. That does not seem particularly because that option in many shooters built, but Machine Games has made him infinitely. Especially when using a controller so you can determine very accurately how far you want to look around a corner and that’s nice – especially when you fight futuristic Nazis that you will encounter later in the game. When using the mouse and keyboard works less pleasant, because it is less dosing how far you want to sit. That is a better analog stick. In the Windows version, the function moreover less relevant, because you can focus it now. Easier once a target

Except that lean Machine Games is faithful to the classic design of the game. That is to say that you have an almost old-fashioned interface, where only the bottom 100 health can be seen, if you’re obviously still completely healthy. As it should, you can temporarily receive additional health by picking up. Medication or food You have temporarily about 140 health, with that amount of matter gradually decreasing to 100. Additionally, you have armor that gives extra protection. Both shield and health you can supplement. Armor pick you mainly by walking that killed Nazis drop the equipment over generous but the game is not it. The stuff you pick up, but still give a little extra protection. Fortunately, the packets medications more spacious.
Partial Recovery

The latter is a good thing, because your health does not recover by itself, though it fairly lenient Machine Games. Your health does not recover fully, but a little bit. If you just do not have packets of drugs in the neighborhood, you will restores health to the next twenty. Even if you’re almost died, there is therefore a chance of survival. Should it succeed to seek health coverage then you will naturally rise again to 20, which gives you a small chance to bring alive. It off

Wolfenstein Preview: The New Order

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It can be broken

Only true that taking cover is not as obvious as you would like. The biggest advantage of using id Tech 5 is perhaps that so much can be broken. It is occasionally like The Matrix, with pieces of concrete from the walls stand as bullets strike. The concrete pillar that seemed so safe, it can crumble before your eyes until there was nothing left of it. Also metal does not always protect. It does not extend to the ceiling therefore come down, but the effect is still impressive, because it means that you are not fast safely. It also leads to that attack is the best defense, although you need to take there. Quite cautious You can usually only outnumbered by Nazis, and they also tend to be better armed, or simply stronger.

As it should be, take the opposition during the game steadily. Where you battle in 1946 against the Nazis in WWII as you know, get the enemy in 1960 advanced capabilities. You will find at first still ordinary soldiers, albeit equipped with better weaponry. Gradually, however, throw the Nazis increasingly sophisticated foot soldiers in the battle. You get more and more robots against you in a variety of shapes and sizes.

At our last session of play we saw huge motorized dogs and bipedal bots that not only twice, but twice as wide as the still pretty burly Blazkowicz. Luckily we saw during both play sessions that Machine Games offers occasional way. The New Order is absolutely no stealth game like Thief or Deus Ex, but occasionally there is a detour that takes you past a bottleneck. Finding These detours are often linked to the secrets in the game. So it can not hurt to look. Behind paintings and ornaments

Wolfenstein Preview: The New Order

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