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The closer the release of PlayStation 4 consoles from Sony and Xbox One Microsoft, the stronger the flour to select the best candidate for a future purchase. On paper, the PlayStation 4 looks more like a video game console that is, in turn, Xbox One more like not just on a game console, and a media center. However, the closer the release becomes, the more people have questions on the difference in the performance of both new products, why it is and how it can be compensated?

When we got to know the technical characteristics of both systems, it has become clear that the performance of PlayStation 4 in games will be higher than the same performance in games with Xbox One . It should be noted that after the announcement of the technical features of the new generation consoles, reading the reaction of the players and future customers, Sony and Microsoft have decided to hastily change some of the characteristics of their consoles. So now, just before the release, it would be good to review and compare all the key features that largely play a role in performance.
Cores clean emerald

Both consoles use an 8-core processors based on the basis of energy-efficient microarchitecture, Jaguar, developed by AMD specifically for small mobile computers and tablets. Microsoft with the announcement of the technical characteristics of its Xbox One decided to overclock the console from 1.6 GHz to 1.75 GHz. Despite the fact that Sony so while not officially announced that the frequency on which it operates processor PS4, most believe that the clock frequency of the crystal is the same core 1.6 GHz. Some think that the difference in the 150 MHz is negligible, but in the case of a general picture of the performance of 150 MHz, these too will contribute.
Frenzy of colors

When it comes to graphics-based set-top boxes, the picture emerges in each case are quite different. Both consoles use graphics chips AMD Radeon. GPU Xbox One is 853 MHz, the PlayStation 4 graphics running at a speed of 800 MHz. But more importantly, is the fact that the graphics chip PlayStation 4 has 18 computing units, and GPU Xbox One has only 12. Altogether GPU uses prefixes Sony stream processor 1152, in contrast to 768 that are operable at the console from Microsoft. If we consider the question in terms of performance in games in which the most basic work is assigned to the graphics subsystem consoles, it turns out that the aforesaid at the PlayStation 4 is almost one and a half times higher than that of Xbox One. Portal IGN notes that there is an important indicator of the frequency of the GPU and that gives a total of about 40 percent advantage over a competitor.
We must think

In talking about the memory to understand that it is better, it becomes even more difficult. Both consoles are equipped with 8 GB of RAM. However, in the case of Xbox One uses the standard memory DDR3. In the case of PlayStation – GDDR5, promising to improve the overall speed of the graphics processing. The stumbling block in this case are an additional 32 MB ultra-fast memory ESRAM, used console Xbox One, and which in theory should outweigh the scales in terms of the actual bandwidth to the side console from Microsoft.
To the smallest detail


If you’ve been following all the news (from the earliest), the new generation of consoles, you probably have seen reports that have already made it clear who is steeper dot the «i». Nowhere is the difference in performance does not stand out so clearly and distinctly, as in the case of resolution, which is supported by consoles when it comes to cross-platform games. A simple example is the game Call of Duty: Ghosts. Producers have announced that in order to play on the console was very smooth at 60 frames per second on Xbox One had to use the native resolution of 720p. In turn version for PlayStation 4 is able to go to 1080p (although it should be noted that some journalists had the opportunity to get to the PS4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts before anyone else, pointed out by some subsidence in frames). The same difference is also in the game Battlefield 4. Game from DICE on the console of Xbox One will run in the resolution 720p, and on the PlayStation 4 – 900p.

Some try to justify the Xbox One, saying that the situation will help to correct those same 32 MB of memory ESRAM, but it is now becoming clear that one set of memory, which is used in the console Xbox One, can not cope with the volume of information required for quality support resolution 1080p. As a result, the game developers have to face some difficulties in the development of game titles. And this ESRAM add more headaches during optimization.
Ease of development

Certainty while in this. Some believe that the ultimate performance of Xbox One can not be assessed only on the first wave of games that come out for it. However, it should be noted that the Xbox One essentially has two different sets of memory instead of one, as is the case with the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the production of video game titles developers are not alien concepts such as deadlines. And the important factor of quality and timely execution of the work is just the simplicity of iron, which is being developed for the game. And the complexity of optimization is now seen by the Xbox One.
There are endless possibilities?

At the moment, Xbox One looks weaker than its competitor. However, the Xbox One has another trump card, which in theory will allow it to impose a very serious competitor console from Sony. Accessories. The new sensor Kinect , which will be bundled with the prefix Xbox One, allows a person to switch between game, television programs and messenger Skype simple voice commands. The usefulness of this feature in the Russian conditions still leaves some questions (“the team will need to speak English or Russian?”, For example). But most importantly, that the operation of these functions is operated 10 percent of the graphics console. The trouble is that the issue of compensation for the loss of these resources Microsoft, most likely, is going to impose themselves on the game developers.

At the time, many developers have noted that compared to the PlayStation 3 to develop games for the Xbox 360 is much easier. During this time, Sony realized their mistakes and decided that history should not repeat itself, has created a gaming console with a simple architecture. The irony is that Microsoft has done exactly the opposite. Now the game will be more difficult to develop it for its consoles. It’s a shame and disgrace will be aware that a different set of memory and a broader focus recreational opportunities that are inherent in most mediahabu, but not a game console, eventually overshadow the importance of the performance thereof in the games.
A chart in the matter?

Trying to somehow gloss over the problems with the resolution, Microsoft began talking about the breadth of possibilities Xbox One.

“Power – this is a subjective measure,” – said vice-president of Microsoft in an interview with Phil Spencer publishing Shack News.

“We are looking at the issue from all the opportunities that we have given the prefix: our investment in cloud services, Kinect, on the operating system console allows you to quickly switch between different tasks, the fact that the console has become a full-fledged all-in-one system entertainment. ”

It is possible, all it is, but it may not be enough to convince the main target audience of consoles – casual players.

The differences in performance of both consoles without any doubt really is. But the extent to which these differences are large, only time will show. However, despite this, their positioning Microsoft as a full-fledged entertainment consoles mediahaba already for some may seem a convincing argument in favor of its choice. As for the casual gamers who do not need many mediafunktsii and just need a good video game console of the new generation – they may end up disappointed. Everything will depend on the pre-order for the system they have already done.

PlayStation 4 release in the U.S. on 15 November. Europe and Australia will have the prefix 29 November. Xbox One will be available in these areas on November 22 in Russian prefix will have to wait until next year. But how many will be waiting for?
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