Yaytsemobil E4U




Yaytsemobil E4U

In the streets of the cities, like coffee , is not enough. Traffic jams force humanity to reflect on the more compact transport than the car. At the same time, to pedal a bicycle in the open can and sporty, but the rain rather disgusting. Comes to the aid yaytsemobil E4U, presented at the Seoul Exhibition Seoul Motor Show in 2013 the corporation Hyundai. May soon friends of the family will not only computers, but these “scooters”?

Яйцемобиль E4U

By the way, the show is currently underway. It began on March 29 and runs until April 7, 2013. So, E4U is another concept of transport of the future. Sample submitted already and now works well. It is designed by Advanced Design Department. The letter «E» in the title means both egg («egg»), and development («evolution»), and ecology («ecology»). Yaytsemobil E4U can move in any direction.

Transportation future is driven by the moving hemispheres (halves like a ball). When these hemispheres are vertical to the surface of the road (and rounded side touch the surface) and the shift in the horizontal direction, force is generated that causes the vehicle to move.

Яйцемобиль E4U

To E4U not spinning in different directions, using small side wheels, like a safety wheels, children’s bicycles. The strength of their friction sets the direction. They play the same balancing role as a helicopter tail propeller.

Movement is possible because of the rotational force, passed the road surface moving hemispheres. These hemisphere to rotate in the opposite direction clockwise. The direction of motion is given by the driver’s foot feet, located on the flat side of the hemisphere.

Яйцемобиль E4U

To E4U went forward, left foot driver performs slope hemisphere. The left side of it comes in contact with the road and “pushes” the way back.

Right foot touch makes the right side of the road hemisphere. As a result, the road “pushes” forward, and future yaytsemobil E4U rushes back. To move left or right hemisphere should be angled forward and backward (respectively). This is now a “new word pedalestroenii.”

Яйцемобиль E4U

The driver of this mysterious vehicle shared his impressions. According to him, the management E4U should get used to. If you do not practice, environmentally friendly transport of the new generation will be difficult to give the right direction. At least at first.

The rate of this miracle of technology depends on the speed of the motor rotor and the angle of inclination. During the demonstration, E4U moved at a walking pace. But the slower, the more certain. Must also spend at least some time off the Internet . The development of this remarkable vehicle, Hyundai began to engage in October 2012. Seoul exhibition became the first platform on which Hyundai has demonstrated E4U public.

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