Yoga says, ‘We are mind, body and soul’,




Q: Yoga says, ‘We are mind, body and soul’, but Buddha says that there is no soul. Then who is a human being? Also, I would like to have some guidance to practice unconditional love.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: It’s just a matter of saying. If a cup is half full and half empty, someone can say that it is half empty and somebody else can say that it is half full. In Buddha’s time, people already had a lot of concepts about Self, God and everything. This country was full of philosophers and each and every one of Buddha’s disciples were well-read, educated, and a great philosopher. So for Him, He had to take this step of nothingness. “Everything is nothing”, that is what He said.
To say that it is all nothing, there must be something. Only something can experience the nothing. If I am saying that I am experiencing nothing, then there must be me, to experience nothing. That’s what Yoga says.
Don’t look for experiencing unconditional love, don’t seek it, don’t try to experience it. It is beyond experience. It is the existence. So you must simply assume you are in unconditional love, that’ it, period. Don’t question it anymore.


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