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These days we rely on smart mobile devices and the applications that they contain a very large and we trust them blindly trust to the extent that our devices may contain private pictures do not accept that one looks at them, or information that no one knows about us closest relative. But these devices may contain information about us we did not know existed, such as trace or track our movements for all what you have searched for on the Internet.

The question here:

Can we trust these smartphones we use and whether we can Nstomnha on our data and our information? Or that there are gaps, and that our own prone to leaking?

In the future of technology conference held in Dubai last March, Dar lengthy debate about the level of security in mobile applications peek, and the reason for this debate was very good. Because these applications we use may not live up to the level of security that we expect. For example , in a study conducted two years ago on the Android applications where the study focused on applications Kashaf, the researchers found that all of the top 10 free applications Scouts are trying to get extra powers are trying to gather information from your mobile device. In other words , the top 10 free applications on the Android Scouts at that time were all spy programs. In another study , researchers found that the same problem exists on iOS system applications and Windows iPhone Windows phone, but to a lesser extent.

Observed in the two studies that applications is much less safe in the iOS platform , including the Android, and the reason is simple : that iOS applications are reviewed by Apple before they are submitted to the App Store. Google is also doing its part to review applications before they are submitted in the Google Play store but the difference is that Android Phones often allows its user to download and install applications from anywhere, on the contrary, Phones iPhone only allow the installation of applications from your store. So when installing an application on your iPhone or iPad be safer in relative terms .

The important point here, that even applications that Apple has reviewed or Google found that some of them unsafe and collects information about you and send it to the company her application. Therefore, we find from time to time ads from Google or Apple to remove apps from their store. For example, in September last year , in 2015 Apple announced the withdrawal of more than 300 application because it was not safe and is spying on you.

In 2013, conducted by researchers from the Georgia Institute of technologies can experience where they succeeded in introducing a spy program in Apple ‘s App Store, the program was apparent that he was innocent, but the program was actually contain spyware. The researchers demonstrated through this experience that he can pass the spyware even if the companies are doing the audit.

And here lies the question was the future of technology in the conference: What auditing standards carried out by Apple and Google? Are there security audits or is it a formality? How some malicious applications passed these audits and found a place for itself in the App Store?

During the conference , many of the students that there should be the unification of standards and creating an elaborate system in the review of applications ensures the protection of users.

But until such time as we find the answer to these questions and find application Hazem systems security audits, out until that moment will be the responsibility of your safety is your personal Dear user. We will mention here some of the practices that help you to be immune to be the victim of malicious programs do not:

When your installation application to read carefully the powers required by the application before approval. For example, if you install the application to run Searchlight, it would be strange to ask the powers access to contacts , or photo album.
Always install applications only from accredited shops, and be sure that the non – existence of this application in the store , but what is for good reason may be a security reason.
Remember that the size of the application is very important indicator, if it was, for example , the application of the Boy Scouts, the application is very small role and therefore must have a small size. When you find an application Khak size 30 MB should ask yourself why this volume overload, it has to be the work other than what is required of him.
For iOS devices, iPhone and iPad, moved away from the so – called: Jail break, though it gives you more freedom, but expose you to greater risk.
Always firsthand update especially updates that contain fill security gaps.
The manufacturer of the application is also an important indicator. Big companies are keen to reputation.
Also possible to look at other applications produced by the company. Fsharkp new application of only one view is a professional may make you Ttsol.
After installing the application if you feel slowly in the device or any change in its performance then immediately delete the application may be running in the background collects information about you.
Before you download the application tried to extrapolation him, read the opinions of other users, search for it in the Internet.
These are some tips that may help protect your privacy and your information. And always remember that your mobile device these days has become a small portable computer in your pocket and not as it was a few years ago. And remember that there is what is 100% secure.

Another argument may also be useful in this context: “If you do not know the way profit of the company you have the goods.” And the point here is if the program is free and does not carry any advertisements or purchase property within the application in-app purchase, it was not clear to you any way to the company ‘s money you earn through this application, because in most cases you and your information is a product that seeks behind the company, and its profit will use or sell your information.


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