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A few days ago and by accident, while testing some ideas to write about them in the pages of “How to be”, I noticed a strange problem violates the rights of Facebook users without their knowledge, or, more properly, might be considered a violation of user rights; the fact that Facebook management is considered as well!

The gap; the correct name — help get a user profile full size even if the privacy picture is “I just” only me, where can I get a picture no user had put his personal protege prevents other users of Facebook, strangers from opening it.

It’s simple, just press a user protected pressure at length with dragging the title bar of your browser, get the picture small size allowed to see it on user page (160 x 160) or so-called “mini version” thumbnail.

The image URL as follows:× × × × × × × × _n.jpg, all you need to do is delete s160x160/image link and then click on “entry, so get the picture to its original size that the user removed it. In violation of user privacy, where you can get a large image without his permission, although it prevents the possibility of clicking on the picture to get.

After I saw this Facebook messaging decided to report this problem, which I thought was a gap in the beginning, and after their correspondence received a reply that the current permanent personal impressions of everyone, even if Facebook does not provide direct access to the large size image, and there is no restriction on the size of the image, and asked me to read the “who can see my profile”.

At the beginning and during the reading speed of thought that Facebook staff did not understand the purpose of my talk, but after confirmation of items listed on the site, it was noted that “the current profile picture General can see. You can change who can see impressive recordings, comments on the picture “only! No you cannot change who can access my photo full size within the Facebook policy.

Most of us believe that if the privacy of a public profile as his only “visible” or “friends only”, you will not be able to see the accuracy of strangers. Explicitly may not be important for a guy like me, I only noticed that most users of Facebook, especially Arabs, giving away their personal image and does not show the details of the face and so on, are used to develop privacy for her not to be able to enlarge it and outsiders from viewing image details clearly.

Here is the problem, as I said, you might not consider a problem for you, but some ignorant so and might not want to get anyone else in his image at full size, it may cause some problems in certain cases, up to the hands of frivolous and ominous problems.

Although Facebook has been able to clear itself within its Privacy pages, except I didn’t know-as well as most of the users of the site-that a stranger, not my friends can see my photo in full dimensions.

After further testing, I found that there is one case which cannot get picture to their large size, and if the owner of the image by choosing “appropriate size” Scale to fit, so the wearer could not get picture at full size, plus another option might also fit, not to lift a large distances from the start!

I know there are apps and Add-ons for browsers help, third-party applications not recognized by Facebook if it is the cause of the problem, but what I found does not need any software help. Anyway, do you think that this may violate the rights of the user who has chosen to hide his image from a specific category it can be obtained? Or that it is normal and does not need all this talk? I wish I could read your almaklanet.

Pictures of how to exploit this problem:

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