On this page, you’ll see a list of the best DDR5 RAM sticks you can buy for an Intel gaming PC build. Our recommendations have many options that prioritize essential factors, such as budget, the latest technologies, premium features, and more. Let’s jump in.

Best DDR5 Rams For Intel Gaming PC Builds

Best Overall
Kingston Fury Beast 32GB

Kingston Fury Beast 32GB

  • Increased efficiency
  • Intel XMP 3.0-Ready and Certified
  • Plug N Play at 4800MHz.
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Best Budget Option
CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5 32GB

CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5 32GB

  • Onboard Voltage Regulation
  • Powerful CORSAIR iCUE Software.
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Best For RBG
XPG Lancer DDR5 RGB 6000MHz 32G

XPG Lancer DDR5 RGB 6000MHz 32G

  • Next-Gen DDR5 with 6000MT/s frequencies.
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Best Value Pick


  • RGB colors & 120° ultra-wide lighting.
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Regarding PC building, having the latest graphics card and processor are top priorities. But having the right amount of RAM is always crucial because whether you intend to play video games or use your computer for work – it needs the memory to operate correctly.

If you don’t have sufficient RAM in your computer, or if it’s from a low-quality brand, then you might end up with poor performance. A testament to this is that if you look at the system requirements of any program, you will always see some mention of RAM.

And another thing to note is that older RAM stops working on newer motherboards and does not synergize well with the latest technologies. So, with all the new PC components coming out every day – it’s the perfect time to invest in some DDR5 RAM for your Intel gaming PC setups.

The Best DDR5 RAM to Buy for Intel Gaming PC Setups

We’re about to look at our recommendations for the best DDR5 RAM to buy that properly synergizes with Intel gaming PC setups. Whether you have the latest CPU, GPU, or motherboard, you’ll avoid any possible gaming and office work bottleneck.

This year is one of the best times to invest in the latest RAM because of how much new PC hardware has come to the market within the past few months. Even if you have the newest line of graphics cards and processors, you must have the best RAM to experience peak performance.

An important thing to remember is that you should purchase at least 16GB of total DDR5 RAM if you wish to have the fastest PC performance. Especially if you run video games on the highest settings and tab out of the window, anything lower than that might cause problems. 8GB used to work as a minimum point in the past, but it’s not as valuable anymore.

With a larger budget, getting a total of 32GB RAM is ideal because you won’t have to worry about upgrading it for a while. Though our options include 32GB for the most part, you can easily select smaller options on the Amazon pages that our carefully picked links lead to.

1. Kingston Fury Beast 32GB 6000MHz (Best for Frequency)

Kingston Fury Beast 32GB
Ram Pros
  • Great price-to-features ratio for DDR5 32GB RAM
  • Reputable brand
  • Very high frequency of 6000MHz
  • Two sticks of 16GB.
Ram Cons
  • Plain visual design.

Kingston is a name everyone has heard of in their lives – for a good reason. Even if you don’t use their RAM, you must have come across their reliable USBs or memory cards at some point.

Fortunately, their RAMs are just as good, and the Kingston Fury Beast 32GB is an excellent choice for gamers, mainly thanks to its massive 6000MHz frequency.

It comes in a pair of two 16GB sticks, so you’ll be able to experience proper synergy. And the visual design is pretty good here, despite the lack of RGB.

2. Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR5 RAM 5200MHz (Best for Budget)

CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5
Ram Pros
  • Very reasonable price for DDR5 32GB RAM
  • 5200MHz clock speed
  • Two sticks of 16GB each
  • Well-known brand.
Ram Cons
  • No fancy features that are found in costlier kits.

Let’s start at the bottom with the Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR5 RAM sticks. This is the best option for sticking to a budget and has a clock of 5200 MHz, which is pretty good for modern-day memory.

Corsair is a well-known brand, so you’re not undercutting yourself, this model, in particular, is one of the best options in their lineup for gaming RAM sticks, so you’re in the right place if that’s what you have in mind.

Since this comes in two 16GB sticks, it will provide a dual-channel synergy, adding a performance boost that many gamers will appreciate.

3. XPG Lancer DDR5 RGB 6000MHz (Best for RGB)

XPG Lancer DDR5
Ram Pros
  • Great frequency at 6000MHz
  • Decent for overclocking
  • Great RGB
  • Two sticks of 16GB make up a total of 32GB DDR5 memory.
Ram Cons
  • Lacks extra features some kits in the list have.

Let’s go higher on the price point and throw RGB in the mix. The Adata XPG Lancer DDR5 RGB model has two sticks of 16GB each, which makes a total of 32GB DDR5 RAM. Then we have the high 6000MHz frequency, which provides the speedy experience that every PC gamer needs and deserves.

As for the RGB, this kit has a beautiful design that shows some RGB on both sides if you stare at it from that angle.

And on top, both of the sticks come with a smooth line with RGB colors so that you are met with these beautiful colors every time you look inside the casing. It’s an excellent choice for gamers who care about the looks of their hardware, and it comes in both black and white.

4. TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Valkyrie Edition 5600MHz (Best for Frequency and RGB)

Ram Pros
  • Easy to overclock
  • High frequency of 5600MHz
  • 32GB of total DDR5 memory with two synergized sticks of 16GB
  • Great RGB and overall design
  • Lifetime warranty.
Ram Cons
  • The brand is not as well-known as the others
  • Some might not like the flashy design

The TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Valkyrie Edition is surely a mouthful of a name. But it’s justified when you look at how great this pair of 2x16GB RAM sticks is, which leads up to 32GB of total gaming goodness. It has a fast clock speed of 5600MHz and has significant latency too.

All of that is undoubtedly standard, but it does have one thing that sets it apart: its support for Intel XMP3.0, which helps you overclock the RAM with a simple click.

This compatibility with Intel hardware makes it an excellent choice for PC builds that rely on their chipset. And, of course, it has a very stylish design that comes with RGB, which looks gorgeous.

It’s a great all-rounder option for gamers; some might find it better than every other option on the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DDR5 RAM work on a DDR4 motherboard?

No, DDR5 RAM does not work on a DDR4 motherboard. They are not compatible with each other due to a few technical reasons. So, if you wish to use DDR5 RAM – you need to use a DDR5 motherboard too. Fortunately, we have a separate guide for the best motherboards that you can read to find the perfect DDR5 motherboard for your Intel gaming PC.

How much RAM should I use for gaming?

You should have 16GB of RAM in 2023 for a stable gaming experience, as most games require today. It’s beneficial to have a high number of RAM, mainly if you tab out often or multitask in any way. Ideally, if you play games on a very high resolution with ultra-settings – 3GB RAM might be an excellent investment.

Do you need DDR5 RAM for gaming?

Yes, using DDR5 RAM for gaming in 2023 is a great idea. This is because newer technologies are faster than older ones, and the latest motherboards also support less of previous technologies. Even though DDR4 RAM is fine for gaming, it’s better to stay up-to-date for better hardware optimization.

What is the best RAM for a gaming PC?

It’s tough to answer this question because every brand offers something different to suit your preferences. The best RAM for a gaming PC depends on what you, as a gamer, need. Memory, price, and frequency play a significant role as deciding factors, and in our guide, you will find many options that will suit your preferences. Anything you choose will give you the best RAM for your Intel gaming PC.

Closing remarks

That’s the end of our recommendations for the best DDR5 RAM you should buy now. If you get any of these RAM sticks, you will experience the peak performance that your Intel gaming PC build can provide.

Fortunately, DDR5 RAM is very upgrade-friendly due to its recency, so even if you make any upgrades in the future – your RAM sticks will synergize with your new hardware.

And last but not least – you won’t need to upgrade your RAM for several years. Because when it comes to buying new PC components, RAM is one of the few things that are carried over into the new build. The only time it’s replaced is when a more recent technology overtakes it.

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