The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 have excellent controllers, which millions love. After all, the DualShock 2 had a nearly perfect design, and the next generation of consoles have improved upon it in different ways. And the same can be said for the DualSense, as it added many new features for additional immersion, such as haptic feedback.

Best PS4 & PS5 Modded Controllers (Our Top Picks)

However, despite how good a default controller is – sometimes you need something more suited to your preferences. Whether it’s how the plastic fits your hands, extra buttons, or just the looks, it’s important to feel satisfied with your controls while playing a game, especially since it’s your only way to interact with everything that goes on your screen.

Thus, we have modded PS4 and PS5 controllers, specifically catering to your needs. They work perfectly fine with the official consoles and improve your playing experience in many ways.

So, let’s take a look at the best-modded PS4 and PS5 controllers that you can buy right now!

Best Modded PS4 Controllers

When it comes to PS4 and PS5 controllers, one crucial thing to know is that they don’t work correctly on any console that isn’t what they’re meant for. Even though the PS3 supports PS4 controllers, the current generation of Sony consoles doesn’t support each other properly due to the differences in their features. Though you can use some workarounds like PS Remote Play, it’s not a good experience.

Due to that, the PS4 and PS5 controller recommendations need to be separated. With that out of the way, let’s start with the best modded PS4 controllers.

1. Razer Raiju Tournament (Best for Customization)

Razer Raiju Tournament Edition
Controller Pros
  • Razer is an easy-to-trust brand
  • Great for competitive gaming thanks to its customization
  • Accessible software for crucial mapping
  • Long battery life
  • Tactile button feedback.
Controller Cons
  • It’s somewhat pricey
  • Not as innovative as some others.

Razer is a brand that every gamer knows, especially if they’ve ever seen the PC market thanks to their high-quality peripherals and accessories. The Razer Raiju Tournament is one of the best modded PS4 controllers that you can find in the market. It has a long battery life and comes with tactile button feedback, which makes it feel great to press.

It is a bit pricey, but that’s because its customization is eSports-ready. You can use an app to change the button maps to whatever suits you better.

For example, if you prefer how older games didn’t use trigger buttons for shooting – now you can change it. Or if your console uses X in a specific spot, but you’re more used to O regions, now this problem will leave you alone.

It’s an excellent choice for people who like customization – especially if they play on PC, too, since it often happens there.

2. Nacon Revolution Unlimited (Best for Design and Extra Buttons)

NACON Controller Esports Revolution Unlimited
Controller Pros
  • Extra mappable buttons
  • Good visual design with 8-way D-pad
  • Interchangeable thumbsticks
  • Comfortable trigger buttons.
Controller Cons
  • This controller hardly has any cons, as it comes with every important feature.

If you’re looking for extra buttons that you can use as shortcuts or alternatives – the Nacon Revolution Unlimited is among the best modded PS5 controllers.

It has an incredible 8-way D-Pad, multiple extra buttons that you can keymap, interchangeable heads for the joysticks to get a perfect grip, and a sturdy build to complement the entire design.

It’s not cheap, but it’s a worthy investment due to just how much it has to offer. And last but not least, it looks great too, with very comfortable triggers.

3. Hori Mini Wired Gamepad (Best for portability & price)

Hori Mini Wired Gamepad
Controller Pros
  • Very portable and has a good price
  • Officially licensed as a simple gamepad
  • Great for smaller hands
  • Pleasing visual design.
Controller Cons
  • Lacks a few features of the DualShock 4
  • Not great for bigger hands.

As you can notice with the other modded controllers for PS4, they are all the same size and are not too easy to carry or for children to use. Fortunately, the Hori Mini Wired Gamepad for PS4 has excellent portability and can conveniently be used by gamers with smaller hands.

It’s not a controller that you can use primarily since it lacks a few features that some games and players require – but it does cover most basics which the majority of games work perfectly with. So, think of it as a PS4 controller for Player Two, which costs far less than what a standard DualShock 4 would.

And, of course, if a kid or guest breaks a cheaper controller, it’s always better than losing your main one. Plus, it’s officially licensed by Sony so you won’t encounter third-party problems!

Best Modded PS5 Controllers

Now it’s time to get into the best modded PS5 controllers, which will satisfy all your PS5 gaming needs. Remember that just like the PS4 controller’s lack of compatibility, the PS5 controllers won’t work on any of the previous generations of Sony consoles. With that in mind, let’s look at our recommendations.

1. HexGaming Rival Controller 2 (Best Design and Compatibility combo)

HEXGAMING HEX Esports Rival Elite Controller
Controller Pros
  • Great design with many customizable looks
  • Very customizable in terms of keymapping
  • Interchangeable thumbsticks.
Controller Cons
  • Not too innovative with its placement.

The HexGaming Rival Controller 2 is an excellent choice for those who like customization on their controllers in every department.

Using a program, you can remap every button of the controller to your specific liking – which is excellent for those who don’t like the default layouts. Then we have the thumbsticks, which are interchangeable and come with several types that you can use to achieve the best grip.

And last but not least, HexGaming offers a perfect amount of visual customization that you can apply to your controller – which does not get in the way of the playing experience. It’s easily one of the best modded controllers for PS5 that you should get immediately.

2. Victrix by PDP Pro BFG (Best Customization and Extra buttons)

Victrix by PDP Pro BFG
Controller Pros
  • Interchangeable thumbsticks and D-Pads
  • Very customizable
  • Extra mappable buttons
  • Can save multiple controller and audio profiles
  • Works on PlayStation 4 and PC.
Controller Cons
  • Its somewhat pricey
  • Non-adaptive triggers, though you can tune them as an alternative.

This Victrix controller is officially licensed by Sony and even works on a PlayStation 4 (and PC), which is an excellent option for those with both consoles. It allows players to be particular since it comes with different types of D-Pads, analog sticks, and octagonal gates.

On top of that, it has customizable trigger buttons and four buttons on the back that you can map based on your preference for hotkeys.

It can keep up to 3 unique profiles saved at a time so that you can adjust them based on different types of games. And last but not least, it features low-latency audio with EQ profiles for those who like to get the best out of their headphones. It’s pricey but has many features that make it a must-have.

And that makes it one of the best-modded controllers for PS4 and PS5 games, with something for everyone.

3. AimControllers PS5 Custom Wireless Controller (Best for FPS gaming)

AimControllers Custom PRO Controller compatible with Playstation PS5 Console
Controller Pros
  • Customizable visual design with Mappable keys
  • Built-in microphone
  • Removable paddles with tunable triggers
  • Perfect for FPS games, especially for competitive players.
Controller Cons
  • Costly
  • A little less customizable than the other options.

Whether you play first-person shooters casually or competitively, it’s not hard to notice that you might perform better if you could customize your controls.

After all, PC gamers change their keys all the time, making their experience far more accessible than those on a controller. Fortunately, the AimControllers PS5 Custom Wireless Controller is here to save the day.

This controller comes with tunable triggers, which can have a shorter travel distance than the default DualSense. On top of that, you can add removable paddles, which add additional ways to play for those who feel confined by the default buttons. And, of course, you can map the buttons around to ensure you experience the best customization possible.

Lastly, it has a built-in microphone that lets you chat with friends without headphones – which feels good sometimes and is very helpful if your headphones ever break.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a PS4 controller on a PS5?

The answer is no; you cannot use a PS4 controller on a PS5 because it lacks some features that are a part of newer PS5 games. However, there are two ways in which you can still make use of the controller. The first is to use PS Remote Play to use the DualShock 4 on a PS5. And usually, you can use the PS4 controller on a few PS4 games if you play them on the PS5 through backward compatibility.

Can I use a PS5 controller on a PS4?

Unfortunately, you cannot use a PS5 controller on a PS4 due to a lack of compatibility. You can use PS Remote Play to use a DualSense on a PS4, but it’s a bit complicated.

Can I use custom controllers on PS4 and PS5?

Yes, there are many officially licensed custom controllers that you can use on the PS4 and PS5. It’s a great way to get extra customization and cheaper options.

That’s it for our guide on the best modded controllers for PS4 and PS5! We hope you found the controller best suited for your needs, as we’ve recommended something for everyone.

Whether you play adventure games, fighting games, first-person shooters, or even interactive experiences – these controllers will give you an immersive and personalized experience.

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